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  1. F18hornetM

    Cummins PT pump tach drive question

    Good morning everyone. I'm working on a 1979 M813 with a 250 Cummins. I had the PT pump rebuilt due to fuel contamination that made a mess of it. I got the rebuilt pump back from the injection shop, re-installed the pump and the truck runs great. However,The tach does not work. I found the...
  2. F18hornetM

    M543A2 finds new home

    Well finally found a wrecker after years of just missing them and finding plenty of junk. Transport Company is going to deliver here tomorrow. Good old truck 1967 M543A2. Everything is there, runs and stops. Needs painting of course but no major rust. Parking brake cable is missing. tires are...
  3. F18hornetM

    What trailer is this??

    A friend of mine found this trailer and asked me if I knew what it was. I have no clue, but figured one of you guys would know. The tongue looks funny but the body and axle placement doesn't look homemade.
  4. F18hornetM

    M37 Parking brake lever

    While taking apart the parking brake handle yesterday to clean up the teeth, I learned something about the parking brake release button. It does NOT screw on. :shock: It has a very small roll pin in it well hidden by 61 years of paint. Pair of pliers and I easily twisted it off. Didn't want to...
  5. F18hornetM

    M37 front fender rear mount

    Both front fender rear mounts were about gone. So set about making some new ones. Frame brackets were ruined as well so made those to. Maybe give others some ideas. e.
  6. F18hornetM

    M37 Water distribution tube

    Just in case anyone was wondering what a water distribution tube was in a Dodge M37 [Dodge 230 c.i] Thought I would post some pics. I had motor out for other work and others advised to check it. I did and found it in great shape. Although I have read where many are hard to get out. Rusted a lot...
  7. F18hornetM

    M37 fuel filter upgrade

    Thought this may help some others looking to get rid of those cheap plastic inline filters. My M37 did not come with the original fuel filter . I made a new place for the after market fuel filter/housing. Mounted itwhere the orginal was mounted. I also plumbed it in using tubing instead of fuel...
  8. F18hornetM

    New to us M37

    Well added another to the fleet. Although the color is off a shade, it fits well. :grin: Its a 1953 M37, with hard top. Its an Air Force version according to data plate. Runs and stops good. Needs some work [paint obvious] as would be expected for a 61 yr old truck. But from the ones Ive looked...
  9. F18hornetM

    M931 vibration

    Going through my M931 since I've only had it a few months and noticed a pretty good shake which seemed to be in the front. To make a long story short, had a front right tire go flat. So I broke it down and found that who ever put the new tires on the truck [yes, the truck has all new Goodyears...
  10. F18hornetM

    Rapco paints

    Anybody know when their website will be back up? Will need to order some paint soon and was wondering if I should start looking somewhere else. I have used their products a lot over last couple of years and have had no issues.
  11. F18hornetM

    M931 engine temp issue

    New to me M931 with inop temp gauge. I tested the gauge and wiring and they passed. After driving I used infra-red heat gun and measured temp at base of sending unit. Then measured resistance of sending unit and resistance was very close for 120 degrees F. So I figured maybe thermostat stuck...
  12. F18hornetM

    Dyed fuel question

    Just brought home a M931 that I bought from GL. Was wondering if anyone ever picked up a truck that had dyed fuel in it? Does the military use dyed fuel? Looking in these 2 (full) tanks, sure looks pretty red. As you know diesel is brownish/gold usually. I have used dyed fuel before in farm...
  13. F18hornetM

    Ocean City Md Jeep week

    This weekend coming up is Ocean City Maryland's Jeep week. Although a jeep week [civilian], they welcome all the military trucks. If interested here is their home page My son and I plan on taking the M35 and M813 to the show and shine at Barrett's...
  14. F18hornetM

    Thumbs up for GL

    last month I ordered a road side tool kit for a M35. It never made it here. Fed-ex showed picking it up from them and then the tracking stoped. Not sure what happened, but either way GL refunded my money which I think was great. I just wanted to say everyone I talked to was very willing to help...
  15. F18hornetM

    Winter shifter boot [5-ton]

    Have searched on here and net and haven't had much luck finding a winter shifter boot for my M813. Does anyone know where I can find one or if the M35 boot will fit? I have one on my M35 and could try it, but if some one else already has tried it, would save me the trouble. Thanks
  16. F18hornetM

    Wings and Wheels show

    This past weekend went to the Wings and Wheels show in Georgetown De. Had a bunch of great planes, and several Jeeps. We parked the 5 ton and duece next to the WW2 re-enactors. They did an awesome job of re-acting WW2 life in a camp, complete with weapons and gear. They even slept there the...
  17. F18hornetM

    Cherry Point pickup

    Picked up our winnings yesterday at Cherry point. All went well except the directions to the place aren't very good. The GL employees [David and Randy]that helped us were very nice and we were only there a few minutes, loaded and gone. So, if you win anything at Cherry point, its not real hard...
  18. F18hornetM

    Question about base security for loadout

    On those bases that say "call and request a sponser" will GL be your sponser? Or does the base handle this themselves? I have only been to Meade so far and didnt require a sponser there to load out. Some of the other sites I looked at have this in the security info. Cherry point being the one I...
  19. F18hornetM

    Salvage yard on eastern shore

    If anybody is looking for a winch for their M35, Shultzs salvage yard in Denton has a nice one. Truck is not in great shape but winch looks ok. Has cable and chain. They used to have about a dozen M35s but all have been scraped now. There are 2 trucks there now both in rough shape so I'm sure...
  20. F18hornetM

    Some new things added to M813 and M35

    My son and I just finished our replica .50 cal gun and mount for the 5 ton. We also added ALICE packs to the M35. We drove them both to the Jeep event here this past weekend and everybody seemed to like them. The gun,when unpinned, will rotate 360 and elevate and lower. The "S" shaped mount its...
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