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  1. 3dAngus

    M37B1 Goes for $187,000.00

    Looks like a new world record at Barrett Jackson on Wednesday. Just awesome!
  2. 3dAngus

    How easy does your multifuel deuce start?

    Always a bump start except once. Even after sitting for months at a time, winter or summer. That one time, the fuel cutoff was pulled out the whole six months it sat idle. After I worked the pull out two to three times, it was a bump start again thereafter. I am assuming after sitting with fuel...
  3. 3dAngus

    A big thanks to Floridianson

    James has helped me out a couple of times now. Now, I have to figure out what I can do for him. Good man!
  4. 3dAngus

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Phil, Need to get him some of Zout's cherries. He doesn't look happy!
  5. 3dAngus

    1959 Dodge air force truck tractor

    Well done Rick. Congratulations.
  6. 3dAngus

    Transport of Bobbed Deuce from Austin TX to Deer Park TX

    You could probably get someone down there to drive it for free, if it runs.
  7. 3dAngus

    Official 2015 Ga. Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    Does anyone have a 24 bolt aluminum 395 in new condition. I sold all my extras and didnt keep a spare, but now have the adapter plate, so I could use a tire/wheel. Also, I have some like new mounted 9x20s for your deuce or M105 spare. Everybody with a 105 needs a spare. Consider how, if on the...
  8. 3dAngus

    What is this and what is it worth? M57?

    I've never heard of a M57, but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist. One picture doesnt tell the story, but, from what I do see, it could be a M-37 with lots of local fabrication work. You'll need full all around pictures for people to see to sell it, so they can figure out what it would take to...
  9. 3dAngus

    m105 or Deuce springs

    I dont know what specific vehicle. They are commonly known as MRAP 395s. Peashooter has been building these adapters for years and is now closing out his inventory. I need one of his adapters for a spare tire, and he wants to sell all 7 or 8 at once so if you buy, I'll buy one from you or him.
  10. 3dAngus

    Updated trip, FL to MD then over to Ohio and MI, then back to south Florida

    Well Phil, if you still have my number, you can just call and I'll go change the sheets at the other lake cottage for you. I can turn on the hot water heater and you'll have some privacy except for dinner, where you'll have to put up with that mean ole woman of mine. Joyce would love to see you...
  11. 3dAngus

    Found this little guy out in the woods behind my house, 1943 M3A4!!!

    And you just made post number 1000. Looks like a real fine piece of machining. Look forward to seeing it on the trailer.
  12. 3dAngus

    Why are military generators so big?

    There is one simple word to put all this to rest... reliability
  13. 3dAngus

    Jammed Starter

    Well, that spares me from making the recommendation you just buy a new in the box starter for $200. There used to be some in the classifieds. Shipping might hurt though. Good luck with the fix.
  14. 3dAngus

    m105 or Deuce springs

    This is the bobber with 395s, aluminum rims, rear has the hubs flipped, and there is no rub on the front. All four wheels have adapters.
  15. 3dAngus

    Official 2015 Ga. Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    David, I have several M105s for sale. Something has to go. I'm out of room at the house and am selling my lake cottage full of stuff too so, ... They are fully equipped, with cover sides, and top bows for $895, with your choice of colors and like new tires.
  16. 3dAngus

    New from middle Tennessee.

    Look for the thread SSGR2015. We have a bid swap meet, rides through the woods and mud holes, camp, eat, and tell a bunch of lies. There should be about 100 military vehicles and the big kids who drive them, spouses, kids, pets, and friends. Everybody is welcome. Great times, and someone may...
  17. 3dAngus

    New from middle Tennessee.

    Welcome from Middle Georgia. Go to the Georgia RAlly South of you and you will see dozens of Deuces, and dozens of guys more than happy to show theirs off and answer any questions for you.
  18. 3dAngus

    Found this little guy out in the woods behind my house, 1943 M3A4!!!

    Looks like it needs air over hydraulic brakes with a dual braking system. Looks great Daniel. Are you going to bring it to the Georgia Rally this year? Keep the pictures coming.
  19. 3dAngus

    GP wild goose chase

    I was given a wrong name and wrong phone number last time I drove 150 miles to fetch a trailer. They set up the appt at HQS of GP and told me I didnt need to call the local POC until I was there. Drove the distance and the phone didn't work. The local POC was changed out and they didnt update...
  20. 3dAngus

    GP vs GL, which do you like better

    I dont like GP at all. Always thought GL had it together, considering what they had to go through, and the auction process was much fairer for all. I have lots of examples but I'm not going to clutter this board up with it. I hope The Government Contracting Officer does a better job of defining...
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