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  1. onegmjack

    Thanks To Recovry4x4

    Kenny Thank You for bring my items to the Ga Rally.You brought others items to.Thanks Again
  2. onegmjack

    Tennessee Members, sign in.

    Hello I would like to see all member from Tennessee at the 2016 Georgia Rally.We need to also start a members map for Tennessee.Thanks Dwight
  3. onegmjack

    Convoy To Georgia Rally

    Hello are there any one interested in convoy to Ga. Rally with tigger and me from East Tennessee?Thanks Dwight
  4. onegmjack

    Rust in fuel tank

    Before I post I have checked for and read other threads.Thought my fuel tank had dirt.Had the pump out checking the supply hose.Went ahead took the stap bolt out and removed tank.Why would the tank be clean and shiney,all but the very top?What I have read eveyone clean and seals for leaks in the...
  5. onegmjack

    two.fiveM35 Great Member

    Thanks Eric for great deal on air line.A very smooth transaction.Thanks Again Dwight:-D
  6. onegmjack

    MDSA Great SS Member

    Thanks MDSA Brian for the hoses Saturday.Just wanted to let everyone know you are a Fine Member,a lot of people would not have took the time to bring air lines for trailer.Hope your son's team won Thanks Again Dwight:p
  7. onegmjack

    My New Old Trailer

    Hey had a great pickup at Richmond.Won a 6/86 Turtle Mountian trailer.Will have to find side rails,bows and cover.Some surface rust on frame but seems soild.Didn't think I would win,not at min,but glad I didn't bid on more than one or I would have been left with more than I needed. Thought for...
  8. onegmjack

    Anyone Picking Up At Richmond, Dec.4th Sale

    Hey any one got their EUC back from Dec.4th sale at Richmond?Send me a PM if you do.Thanks
  9. onegmjack

    M105A2 trailer

    Looking to buy trailer for my Deuce. I seen on here before but couldn't locate the thread. Which maker makes the best trailer?Or are they all about the same.Which is the best Stevens,Johnson,Checker Cab,Eastern Tank,Turtle Mt,Kaser,Kasel?Can anyone put them in a list best to worse.
  10. onegmjack

    Reinforcement Plate For Gun Ring Leg

    This may be stupid to some.I have read everything I could find on M66 Gun Ring.My question is,would a Deuce have had a Gun Ring and not have had the rienforcement plate? TM9-2320-361-34P,Fig.318,page318-1,item Number 7 is what I am asking about.If I even get a reply,I will state why I am...
  11. onegmjack

    Deuce Question

    Hello everyone Deuce has been doing fine,till I check the wheels for leaks.Always check to make sure no leaking brake fluid.Leaking gear oil right middle axle.I think I read some were the axle nut socket is 8 sided,3 inch socket is this correct?I have read all the TM on replacing seals.I am...
  12. onegmjack

    Anyone near East TN South West VA Western NC

    Does anyone plan to convoy to Georgia Rally?Give me a call 423-276-3763 I am driving Deuce would like not to drive alone,if anyone going let me know
  13. onegmjack

    Members In Tennessee

    How many members are they from Tennessee? I see some post,from the west.Just wandering.Dwight
  14. onegmjack

    New Member In Tennessee

    I was suppost to do this first,my bad:oops: I already made a post or two. I am new to on line sites.This is my first,but it is the Best.I guess I was lucky never seen a Deuce started reading about them,had to have one. I went and looked,at Readstone,can home and bid and won,got the Paid in...
  15. onegmjack

    Speedometer Adapter Leaking Gear Oil

    Hello I have looked at site,mite have missed anwser.I bought a 1971 it think M35A2 AM General SF 97 came back 1985.I drove from Red Stone,home about 300 miles.I keep seeing a leak from tranfer ,Timken 136-27 air shift,cleaned up and noticed gear oil leaking out of speedometer adapter.From screw...
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