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  1. montaillou

    Synthetic oil

    I'm gonna try synthetic oil. Yes, I've heard it will cause leaks. I've also read that synthetic oil cleans so it might expose leaks I didn't know I had, and I'd rather find those now, than when I'm 1k miles from home or above the arctic circle. Will it damage my seals & gaskets? Maybe, and...
  2. montaillou

    Fleet expansion

    So, I bought a new, to me, A2 It's actually a 1968 M61A2. I'm posting here, because I really bought it for a friend - he a mechanic who will work off the debt doing stuff to my other A2. Neither one of us have room for 2 trucks, so, when he's working on my Deuce his truck will live in my...
  3. montaillou

    Oil & lubrication

    Was recently reading up on engines and came across this: See post #23 & 25. Now, there is some not-so-little bit on here about what oil to use, but most of those threads are 10+ years old, and...
  4. montaillou

    WA Ballistic fiberglass sheets

    4' x 8' x 0.45" class 3 ballistic - UL-752 (bullet resistant) fiberglass sheets. These are new, never used (or shot at) sheets. These class 3's are rated vs three .44 Magnum rounds. These sheets weigh 4.68 lbs sq/ft or just under 150 lbs/sheet. Price is per sheet: $325 each. 5 sheets are...
  5. montaillou

    Lock out hub damage - opinions

    Recently I had new wheels/tires put on and the hubs are far more exposed than they used to be. I had a shop install these almost 2 years ago. Due to my trust in them, the previous wheels having a center offset, and my never needing to adjust the hubs, I may have missed this if it happened some...
  6. montaillou

    Fuel tank selector valve - multiple tanks

    If you've read my other threads and shake your head at my ideas, you're gonna wanna skip this one. What follows may show my ignorance. So, my plan is to add 3 additional tanks to my truck. Initially, the plan was 2 additional tanks, but the third tank was gonna be pretty difficult to work...
  7. montaillou

    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    Now, there are several problems with this, as things stand. Feel free to correct me: 1) the winch just isn't powerful enough to pull out deuce and 2) the way it operates in front of the truck, you'd probably kill yourself if it did - not sure if you can fully use the winch from inside the...
  8. montaillou

    WA Super singles w/adapter plates

    Am switching back to dualies and selling my super singles. These are Michellin XL tires mounted on military 50-50 offset wheels. The wheels I believe originally came from the M1076 trailer and are 10 hole. These wheels were designed to carry a loaded weight of 49,500 lbs. The 50-50 offset is...
  9. montaillou

    A2 frame flex degree

    Does anyone know just how much the frame is designed to flex, like how many degrees (approximately)? I'm creating a space behind the cab to a camper in the bed (maybe spanning 20 inches) that I intend to cover with something flexible, but I'm wondering how flexible it needs to be. Not trying...
  10. montaillou

    M35A3 exhaust intake impeller *tink*

    So...I put an A3 intake on my A2. The pre-cleaner is has an impeller (at least that's what it sounds like) and mine *tink* *tink* *tink*'s. When the truck has been running a while, it settles down a little but still *tink*'s a little. Is this normal? The sound is coming from #34 in the picture.
  11. montaillou

    Muddling through with gauges

    So, found a listing that stated - Oil pressure at idle: 10, oil pressure at full power (max): 75. The stock gauge on my rig has a range of 0 - 120. Where would the danger area be at? I'm looking at replacing this gauge...
  12. montaillou

    Black Friday deal 11/24 - 12/4

    I'm not in any way affiliated with, but I have ordered some items from then before and they often have competitive prices. Typically, I check several sites before I buy and I encourage others to do the same. Their code for the next 10 days is "partdeal10" for 10% off any purchase...
  13. montaillou

    Wheel questions

    On the M35A2, the wheel bolt holes are chamfered. Are the wheels considered stud piloted or hub piloted wheels? I thought they were hub piloted, but in hub pilot systems, there is no chamfer on the bolt holes - at least on modern wheels.
  14. montaillou

    Collapsible/temporary passenger seat

    So, it's not that I'm anti-social, but my passenger seat is probably empty 99% of the time. Ok, maybe I'm a little anti-social. Has anyone ever heard of/seen a temporary vehicle seat? Something that can be broken down and stored away or collapses in some way - function over comfort. I will...
  15. montaillou

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    So, this is kind of experimental at this point. I currently have adapter plates on MRAP wheels (super singles). Which work fine, but no tire place will touch them. I've been thinking of getting a wheel specifically fit for the deuce. Now, I know there is a shop in the US (somewhere in the...
  16. montaillou

    Stuttering/starving at acceleration - ideas

    Some background: The truck is at a mechanic getting some misc. work done. Right now I have more money than time, and some things are beyond my ability. One of the things done was to swap a new hydraulic head as the old one had a leak (I sent him a link to how it was done here - also he...
  17. montaillou

    Steel vs Aluminum tubing (Camper frame)

    So, I'm about a third the way through my 30 point "checklist of fun" and I'm thinking about item 20, the camper. Is there anyone here that knows more than the average person about structural tubing, aluminum vs steel vs ?? that I can pick their brain with a few questions? I'm also wondering if...
  18. montaillou

    A different security thread - shutters

    So, I'm about to put some stuff in my cab that might be attractive to thieves. Obligatory: I know nothing can be fully secure, I just want to prevent opportunity thieves, drunks, amateurs and/or slow someone down as I also intend on sleeping in the back while traveling. Anyone seriously...
  19. montaillou

    Air locker opinions

    I'm debating about putting on air lockers or not. One mechanic friend is like, it's a 6x6, you'll never need them, but another mechanic (and also my opinion) is that if I ever do need one, it'd suck to be without. I don't plan on doing any rock crawling, but beach/desert sand, unimproved...
  20. montaillou

    What is it?

    Seems like there should be a sticky thread labeled this. Hard to do a search for something you don't know the name of. M35A3 air intake assembly Anyways, in the attached diagram, off to the side of the main vertical cylinder there is a little...shunt? and an opening that looks like it needs...
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