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  1. armytruck63

    ATHS Truck Show Perris, CA Sunday 5-7-17

    Everyone, The Southern California chapter of the American Truck Historical Society is holding its 32nd annual show at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA on Sunday 5-7-17. Military vehicles are welcomed and are encouraged to attend. The registration for the show costs only $20 and...
  2. armytruck63

    ATHS Truck Show Perris, CA 5-6-12

    Everyone, I am a board member of the Southern California chapter of the American Truck Historical Society. We are having our annual truck show at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA on Sunday, May 6th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I would like to invite all of my Steel Soldiers friends...
  3. armytruck63

    Yellow Text

    Guys, I notice some members have their text set to a yellow color. For those of us forced to use Tapatalk on smart phones, the yellow text becomes almost invisible. Please consider using something other than yellow when choosing a text color. Thanks! 8-)
  4. armytruck63

    M800 Wiki question

    I noticed the following in the M800 series 5-ton WIKI: M809/G908 Series (1962-1983) Air filter mounted externally on driver's side fender Center of grille extended forward (similar to Deuce) Some have grille of steel tube All have Cummins NHC-250 Naturally aspirated 6cyl. Diesel Is the date...
  5. armytruck63

    Wood pulling

    I hired some tree trimmers to remove some Eucalyptus trees at the back of my property about a month ago. They left some huge chunks of wood in the ravine behind my house. This afternoon my son and I pulled out the wood with the M1009 and a chain. No fuss, no muss, just idle speed in low...
  6. armytruck63

    Lost all lights - scary!

    Last night my wife and I were out for a ride in the M38A1. We were on a rural road going down hill about 45 MPH, running with the high beams on because there were no cars in sight. Suddenly, and without warning, I lost the headlights and dash lights. :shock: There was no moon out and things...
  7. armytruck63

    Bantam BRC spotted today

    Everyone, I was at the Marching Though History show in Chino, CA today when I spotted, of all things, a 1941 Bantam BRC. The owner wasn't around to answer any questions. I think the Bantam is owned by a reenactor and not a vehicle collector. The Bantam is a little rough, but defintely...
  8. armytruck63

    Hemet-Ryan Air Show 6-11-11

    Everyone, I was contacted to try to help round up military vehicles for display at the Hemet-Ryan Air Show in Hemet, CA on Saturday, June 11th. They are looking for approximately 15 vehicles of any size. They requested we arrive by 8:30 AM and stay until the end of the show at 3:00 PM. This...
  9. armytruck63

    Happy 110th Mr. Buckles

    Mr. Frank Buckles, the last surviving US veteran of World War One turns 110 today. Here are two articles about it: A gift for the last doughboy's 110th birthday - Frank Buckles, Last American WWI Survivor, Celebrates 110th B-day | HyperVocal Edit: Incredible as it may seem, after...
  10. armytruck63

    CUCV key question

    I searched for this answer but I couldn't find it. Are M1009 Blazer keys identical to M1008 pickup keys (assuming nothing has been changed)? A friend of mine is getting an M1008 with no key and he wants to make a copy of my M1009 key so he can drive the truck. Will this work? Thanks, Matt
  11. armytruck63

    Moreno Valley, CA Parade 7-3-10

    Guys, The March Field Air Museum is looking for anyone that might have an M35A2, or any other truck with troop seats, to carry some distinguished guests and volunteers this coming Saturday, 7-3-10. The location is in Moreno Valley, CA, not too far from Riverside. The parade starts at 9:30 AM...
  12. armytruck63

    M1009 as temporary daily driver

    I will be using my M1009 Blazer as a temporary daily driver on a 120 mile round trip commute to work on SoCal freeways because Oriental Car needs expensive repairs. I have good belts and hoses, and I carry spares. The only nagging problem I have with the Blazer is a leaking rear seal on the...
  13. armytruck63

    M813 Spotted Today

    My son, who I must have trained well, took these photos of an M813 on super singles, with two Weasels in tow, today in La Quinta, CA (near Palm Springs). This is a nice looking set up. Does it belong to a Steel Soldiers member? Just wondering :drool:
  14. armytruck63

    DOT 5 in trailer surge brakes

    Guys, My brother gave me an old single axle car trailer with surge brakes. I opened up the master cylinder and found it was full of rusty goo. I will obviously need a new master cylinder and probably wheel cylinders as well. My question is, can I use DOT 5 silicone brake fluid when I rebuild...
  15. armytruck63

    Sagging tire, can it be saved?

    Guys, I searched for this but couldn't find anything... I have a 9.00-20 wheel and tire that came off the spare tire carrier of a six-ton shop trailer. The tire has lots of tread left and no weathering or sun damage that I can see, but it is deformed from hanging at zero PSI on the spare tire...
  16. armytruck63

    CCKW Video

    Guys, Here is a 30 second long video taken last November of my friend Jim driving on a windy canyon road near Yucaipa, CA. There is no sound. I think the quality is pretty decent, especially since I was driving my M1009 Blazer at the time and trying not to run off the road. Enjoy, Matt
  17. armytruck63

    M215 questions

    Hello, I have my eye on a GMC M215 dump truck. I have owned several M35A2's over the years and now have one parked next to my house, but I love the M211 GMC's. It was the first MV I was introduced to back in the mid '70's. Here are a couple of general questions about these trucks: 1. What...
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