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  1. Assel

    welding on a CUCV / CARC

    So finally I got the possibility to buy a decent MIG welder (its old, but I tried it in the "shop" of the guy I bought it from, its doing really nice welds & everything works as it should) and I paid just a "few" bucks :clinto: and got even a full gas bottle with it! ..So nothing can stop me...
  2. Assel

    Relays next to Starter Relay

    Hey Steelsoldiers, does anyone know what the 2 smaller black relays next to the starter relay are for? couldnt find anything on the web and I´m just curious. Thanks
  3. Assel

    M1009 No start/crank

    Hey Steelsoldiers! I did the Doghead relay mod and today I put the Batteries back into the CUCV. Voltmeter showed 25.6V with Ignition off. So i got in the truck and put the key in, pushed it into "on" and glowplugs started cycling, like they used to do before the Winter. Everything normal so...
  4. Assel

    Received my Ac-Delco 60G glowplugs

    Hey, I just received my package from the U.S. , I ordered Ac-Delco 60G glowplugs, a "doghead" relay and some stuff (blade terminals, wires, etc) On the glowplugs I can read : AC DELCO G3 0 100 271 107 10.5 V did I get the right glowplugs or did someone...
  5. Assel

    New M1009 from Southern Germany

    Hey everyone! I bought a M1009 last Year, due to Technical Manuals etc. I got told to browse Steelsoldiers, so I thought it wont be a bad thing to register here There not much to say about me, I´m a young earthmoving equipment Operator (dont know if this is the correct Term to describe it) ...
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