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  1. Redneck of Enon

    VA 1985 /1998 M35A3

    M35A3 for sale .........$11,000 OBO
  2. Redneck of Enon

    Tachometer question on my M35A3 ?

    my tac just stopped working and not only I like all the gauges to work but the tac has the hour meter on it and I need that ....I have checked the wires at the alternator but they all look good now im going to check the wires behind the tac ....but it would be nice to hear from y'all on...
  3. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 wheel question ?

    I'm in need of a spare tire and rim for my A3...but I can't afford to pay $500 for one, and I can't reposed to one person I see on the classified add on this site . I guess because I haven't been a member long ... can someone please give me some advice ?
  4. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 wheel question ?

    maybe a dumb idea ....tire size 14.5 X 20 .....can you turn the wheels around so they stick out farther or has anyone ever done this ?
  5. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 W/OW ....winch installation's ?

    im sure someone has installed a winch on a A3 that didn't come with one so im asking how can this be done without breaking the bank ? I know is probably answered in another thread somewhere but I have not figured out how to maximize SS yet .....I have learned a lot so far as this is my first...
  6. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 Tire pressure Opions

    I have been running about 45 lbs in my Michelin X 14.5 R 20 tires that came on the truck when I got it . I have no spare yet because of how much they cost so I want to get the most out the tires. Since this is my first MV I'm asking y'all to share your knowledge and experience on this ...Thank...
  7. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 disc brake conversion

    I need someone to tell me how hard it is to do a disc brake conversion on my M35A3 or is there some other reason the I have to stand on the pedal every time I come to a red light ? ....I really like to be able to stop quick as you all know if I were to hit a car in the rear it would not be a...
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