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  1. 212sparky

    Mep004 frequency meter issue

    I fired my 004 up over the weekend and noticed the frequency meter was not registering. I put my multimeter on the output terminals and had good 60 hz once I adjusted the throttle. Is this a common issue? I have not had any other issues out of it. I am thinking of just putting a digital meter in...
  2. 212sparky

    Haspin Acres Fall 2017 Rally info thread

    It is getting to be the time to start looking at planning the fall rally. Spring was a success from the pictures I have seen. I am looking at dates at the end of September beginning of October. Do all your maintenance and recover from the last one and see you there! Reply to the thread with...
  3. 212sparky

    Haspin fall get together parts / swap meet

    Post what you have for for sale or are looking for.
  4. 212sparky

    Haspin fall get together 2015

    We are looking at the weekend of September 26th and the 27th for the fall get together. Start prepping the trucks and notify your bosses. See you all there. [emoji2]
  5. 212sparky

    Open truck space from Cincinnati OH to St. Augustine Florida

    As the title states I will have the bed of a toyota tundra open both going south on May 30th and coming north on June 6th. Let me know if you need any thing moved. Rob
  6. 212sparky

    how to lift a rear axle on a M923A2

    I am looking at bidding on a truck with 2 bad tires on the rear most axle. I know I have seen pictures on how to raise and hold the far axle up, I just cant find the information any where. Thanks for the help, Rob
  7. 212sparky

    Haspin fall 2013 multimedia thread.

    Post pictures here
  8. 212sparky

    Parade September 14

    Mason is having a parade on September 14. Parade starts at 10:00 would like to meet up around 9:00. Following they are having a touch a truck fundraiser. I will post up more info as I get it. The location is Mason Ohio.
  9. 212sparky

    Hauling available

    I am going to Minneapolis next Thursday and coming home the following Monday. If you need something moved, going up my truck bed is empty coming home I will have a transfer case in it. Let me know. Looking to off set the fuel bill. Thanks, Rob
  10. 212sparky

    2013 Fall Haspin Rally

  11. 212sparky

    2013 Haspin summer rally multimedia thread

    Post up the pictures guys!!
  12. 212sparky

    100 KW power distribution panel

    Has anybody mounted a 100 KW power distribution panel to their generator trailers? I have one and am contemplating how I want to mount it. It weighs in at only 455 lbs. so I don't think the extra tong weight will be an issue for my m200a1 trailer or the m35a2 to pull it.
  13. 212sparky

    2013 Haspin dates/info/attendance

    (Stretch44875 moderator hijack) Date has been set to June 13th-16th Prices for the park are 14 dollars a day. Most times we are not charged for Wednesday night. That is with discount. Just mention steelsoldiers, or army truck gathering. Be sure to ask for a...
  14. 212sparky

    2012 Haspin Fall Rally Head Count

    Every body going to Haspin the weekend of October 19-21 check in here for food.
  15. 212sparky

    what kind of pyrometer are you using?

    I am looking to install a pyrometer in my truck and read some threads about them burning up. what kind did you install and roughly did you pay for it.
  16. 212sparky

    input pinnion seal replacement

    I am currently trying to get the pinnion seal out of the housing. what is the trick? do i just drive it out with a BFH? I have searched and looked the TM's and did not see any thing. Thanks for the advice guys!!
  17. 212sparky

    look what happens when an electrician gets bored

    last week i was a little bored so i pulled some parts together and figured i would add a few lights the the deuce and here is what it turned in to. I mounted a large piece of series 2000 wire-mold to the hard top just in front of the windshield, That houses my switches for my lights. that goes...
  18. 212sparky

    mep-004a starting issue

    I purchased an MEP-004a on Dec 29 2011. It started up after about 10 seconds of cranking. to previous owner had not used it that often and from time to time he said it was stubborn to get started. I went to start it today after putting brand new batteries and all it does is crank. i am getting...
  19. 212sparky

    the proud owner of a MEP-004a.

    This evening I picked up a MEP-004a. it is in good condition, and with some new filters and oil and diesel will be back in running condition. once i find the cable for my camera i will up load my pictures. i do have a few questions, on the side of the injector pump there is a small handle, does...
  20. 212sparky

    speedometer cable removal from transfer case

    I am helping a friend pull out his sprag transfer case and we cant get the speedometer cable to unscrew. any tricks? Thanks!!!
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