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  1. digitaldust

    in need of some 900x20 or 1100x20 tires and rims MICHIGAN FLINT AREA HELP

    in need of some 900x20 or 1100x20 tires and rims OR someone who can safely help me change tubes , I'm in need of a set of 1100.20 or 900 . if i can not find help changing tubes thanks to all !
  2. digitaldust

    M146 dolly and m109 combo?

    SO, how well would a M109a3 pull a m146 via dolly? the Air lines are shot on the trailer and dolly. I will have a 50 Mile recovery. Then after that I plan to restore the dolly and m146 , and make a combo unit with the M109a3 Any thoughts ?
  3. digitaldust

    camping round up

    anyone interested in having a meet and greet at a campground in genesee county MI ?
  4. digitaldust

    m109a3 24vdc to 120vac box?

    I am doing a rewire on my old M 109 might anyone know what to use for reusability this box will have see enclosed pictures. Also is there a wiring number diagram that is of intimate detail of a m109 box for instance I have wire tags that read 700 701 that are 110 hot 110 neutral for an example
  5. digitaldust

    installing new pressure plate in need of torque specs for the bolts

    installing new pressure plate in need of torque specs for the bolts I have maybe missed it in the TM but I could really use this info for re-installing the trans , 2nd run at this after trashing 2 plates and throwout bearings Also I have a new throwout bearing. but the grease is kinda hard...
  6. digitaldust

    What did I just save from the scrap yard Detroit Diesel ? 20kw?

    A Does anyone know what I have here ? It runs and makes 220 vac help I need a TM to restore this from one end to the other MIL-STD-251 seems to be the make model ? kato AC gen
  7. digitaldust

    numbering a radio truck

    What would bumper numbering look like for. 1st brigade 3rd battalion brovo company , truck in pool number 4 thanks a lot I think 1 BDE 3 NB ????? 4 thanks
  8. digitaldust

    TRI AN/PRC-152 UHF VHF Radio , knock off of Harris Felcon III

    Has anyone HAM radio or not seen the TRI AN/PRC152 there like 245.00 New TRI AN/PRC-152 6-PINS Inter/Intra Multiband Radio Designed For Using Real 6-Pins Plug PTT The models strive to do the design of the three anti waterproof, shockproof, dustproof. Battery connection structure is fully...
  9. digitaldust

    pressure plate . cross over from other trucks ?

    Hello I'm looking for info on the m35a2 pressure plate. cross reference: what other trucks use it ? are there non mil part numbers , does anyone have the specs, measurements. I might have a place to get them for very cheep, if I can get this info. Yes I will share my findings. there...
  10. digitaldust

    rc car nitro as fuel ?

    has anyone tried using RC fuel known as nitro it comes and 1 gallon plastic jugs I'm told it has a finite shelf. I wonder if it will work in a m1009 or m35
  11. digitaldust

    Rebuilding Clutch Pressure Plate ?

    does anyone know about rebuilding a pressure plate on the deuce ? I have one broken finger holder at the pin hold end. also looking for a clutch disc. does anyone know how deep the clutch pad should be ? i only have 7K Miles on this truck with a 09 Re-depot rebuild on motor and trans ...
  12. digitaldust

    Military Antenna AT-677/VR Mod and test for ham radio VHF 2 meter use

    People have stated this antenna works in the ham band , well not the whole band . I have done testing and found that it was not being all that it could be. I have installed then checked the SWR on the antenna ( Location of install , Pass Rear of Truck ). What I did find it was ok at 147.200 1.5...
  13. digitaldust

    PVC pneumatic or not . homemade mast for M109

    any one thought of how to build a say 45 + FT mast. I have seen pipe (PVC SCH 80 ) used but the plans are kinda crumby . using duct tape to make a gasket on each 10FT pipe in side each other ? i'm open to refine the idea 73
  14. digitaldust

    Adding onto the back of a M109 or making a slider for the side ?

    has anyone ever added onto the rear of the m109a3 box to make a full 16 FT? Or even building a slide out for the side ?
  15. digitaldust

    Michigan , Burton . Parade for Memorial Day May 27

    Parade for Memorial Day Date May 27 . Location Burton Michigan . Line UP TIME 2:00 PM 14:00Hrs Start Time 3PM . CONTACT: digitaldust , PM for attendance we will be lining up before hand and doing a convoy into the parade location for more info PM digitaldust That is all ,
  16. digitaldust

    Oh Boy I need TM 9-2910-223-35

    I'm in a bind i need TM 9-2910-223-35 cam someone offer this.
  17. digitaldust

    Rust Oleum Or Krylon

    Whats better Rust Oleum Or Krylon ? What Camo colors do you like ?
  18. digitaldust

    I'm looking for input about 3 color for m1009

    Green Black And Khaki via Krylon Does this seem strange or a not real looking paint color set. My deuce is green brown and black I was looking for something a little different. this will be a MP type unit when done. thanks for input.
  19. digitaldust

    Memorial Day Parade Michigan , Burton

    28th day of May , A Monday City of Burton will have a parade 5:00 pm Parade starts on Center Road. please contact if you would like to be in the parade I'm am in contact with the city about line up and other info TBA . please PM or call me 810-577-Three five too for Travis ,
  20. digitaldust

    military antenna for a AM FM radio ?

    SO how would a military antenna work for AM FM radio in a,,, say M1009 after all your receiving signals so SWR would be little worry. I have played with this at home on a aircraft radio that picks up FM broadcast in the 106 - 107.9 low end of the RX I just wonder would this save a MV from a...
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