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  1. ken

    Front winch setups

    I was hoping folks would post pics of your front winch mounts. Along with any commentary about what works and what doesn't. Hydro, electric, and PTO.
  2. ken

    Hyd fan clutch replacement

    I started getting tired of the leaks and replacing high dollar parts to keep the fan clutch working. So while looking at some civi H1 stuff on the web I saw a 93 model with v belts and a thermo clutch. I searched for the pulley and parts and found they were discontinued. I decided to come up...
  3. ken

    Floor Jack Pin

    So I went to jack up my 998 and the floor lack slid on the lower control arm before I got the jack stand under the frame. So I decided to make a pin to go into the hole on the lower control arm to keep this from happening again. So I fired up the lathe and made this.
  4. ken

    Houston Texas to Prescott Arizona in a CUCV

    I'm driving a truck my dad wants out to him. Leaving Sat the 24th. I'll be running IH-10. I've gone through it pretty well and should not have too much trouble. But if I do, I would be grateful for any assistance.
  5. ken

    HMMWV Parts Quick Reference Spreadsheet

    Could we start a sticky for parts reference? Like the one we have for the M35? There are alot of posts asking about part numbers and it might help guys find what they need a lot faster than digging through manuals and cross referencing numbers. It could also save us money by allowing us to...
  6. ken

    Siezed engine removal.

    I'm finally pulling the locked up 6.2 and replacing it with a 6.5. Does anyone know if I will have enough clearance between the engine and front cross member with the torque converter still attached the get the engine out? With the engine locked up, I can't rotate it to unbolt the torque...
  7. ken

    Aux power socket/outlet

    Does anyone know a source for the Aux power socket/outlet? It's kind of like a cigarette lighter socket.
  8. ken

    Bracket ID

    Can someone tell me what these brackets go to? I found them while cleaning out my 998.
  9. ken

    Flat Towing

    Will a medium tow bar with 3/4 inch feet work to flat tow a M998? Will the feet clear the bumper?
  10. ken

    Jerry Can Mount

    Where you have your jerry cans mounted? Any pics? Thanks
  11. ken

    6.2 to GEP 6.5 swap

    I finally got my NOS power pack in. I'm stoked. It's time to pull the 6.2 and convert this 6.5 to NA then get it on the road. First thing first. Pull the tranny off and get it up on the engine stand.
  12. ken

    Engine fan in cold weather.

    For the guys up north. When driving in cold weather "freezing or below" Does your engine cooling fan still come on every mile or so?
  13. ken

    Rifle Mounts

    Could someone post some pics of your rifle mounts in a 998? Thanks
  14. ken

    Head Gaskets

    I'm swapping heads on a GEP 6.5 before I install it in my 998 and I'm trying to decide what brand of head gaskets to use. I have used FEL-PRO for 20 years with no issues. But with the head/head gasket issues we have I was wondering what others have used. And your results. Now, I know I am going...
  15. ken

    Fuel Pressure Switch

    Is the only use for the fuel pressure switch on top of the fuel filter used for the STE-ICE machine?
  16. ken

    to turbo or not to turbo

    I picked up a 998 with a bad 6.2. I have a spare 6.2 on a stand from a CUVC that I can put the Humvee parts on and get it up and running. I have the chance to get a GEP 6.5 with a turbo. I wanted to just strip it to the long block and put the N/A parts on and go. But I realized the heads were...
  17. ken

    M43 Chem detector solution

    After no luck with a search. Does anyone know what the liquid solution was that went in the bottom tank of the M43 Chemical Detector?
  18. ken

    Is this a rifle mount?

    Is this a rifle mount base on the floor between the steering wheel and the transfer case shifter?
  19. ken

    Bad Ground?

    So I drove the 1028 into town to get some Diesel and on the way home the heater stopped blowing. The Gen 1 light didn't come on and my VDO gauge still read 28.5 volts. 5 miles later when at a stop sign the turn signals wouldn't work eather. I got home and checked the heater fuse. It looked and...
  20. ken

    Another Alternator Thread

    I think I have a bad stator. What is the best way to test it? Can I ohm it out with my meter?
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