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  1. Redneck of Enon

    VA 1985 /1998 M35A3

    text if interested 80for 640 six6 2five.......more details to follow
  2. Redneck of Enon

    VA 1985 /1998 M35A3

    M35A3 for sale .........$11,000 OBO
  3. Redneck of Enon

    Hub flip or wider stance

    good looking truck
  4. Redneck of Enon

    M35A3 wheel identification.

    this pic is of my A3 wheel after I took off the CTIS and before I turned the wheels inside out ....I think this is what you have ...and the next pic is what it looks like now ...
  5. Redneck of Enon

    anyone ever moved a steering tube "up" on an m35a2 dash panel?

    great thread ....very impressive did all the work and I learned stuff .....
  6. Redneck of Enon

    Hampton Roads

    thymer , I would like to see some pics of your M35 . I m about 75 miles away from tidewater ,..... and I love my M35 , I wish it still had the original paint job but its on my bucket list to paint it back
  7. Redneck of Enon

    New member, South PA

    nice ride ...and happy camping. I have found that Steel Soldiers to be very helpful with very experienced people that will help with every question ....I have Found that experience beats book knowledge
  8. Redneck of Enon

    M35A2 Door hinge Screws

    I had to break down and buy that drill press and im very happy that I did ...after drilling the pins out of the hinges and buying all SS screws and then back to the local hardware store to get hardened bolts and loctite I reinstalled the door three times before I got it right ...what a pain , I...
  9. Redneck of Enon

    M35A2 Door hinge Screws

    I am in the process of replacing my door hinges , I also decided to go with stainless , I had to use a screw extractor on several .....its worth spending a few extra bucks for the stainless in my opinion , and what I thought was a simple fix when one hinge broke has become a big job not only the...
  10. Redneck of Enon

    MV of the Month January 2021

    My M35A3....
  11. Redneck of Enon

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    so what did you get ?
  12. Redneck of Enon

    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    just want to say thank y'all for sharing your knowledge to people like me ...who have sometimes think they know it all and then wake up and know God is the only one that knows it all ...
  13. Redneck of Enon

    Tachometer question on my M35A3 ?

    I took the tac out of dash and found that its not cable driven , its electronic . I did find a ground that was loose and fixed that but the tac and the hour meter on it still don't work .
  14. Redneck of Enon

    Tachometer question on my M35A3 ?

    thanks ,,,,, im going to check it out now
  15. Redneck of Enon

    Tachometer question on my M35A3 ?

    my tac just stopped working and not only I like all the gauges to work but the tac has the hour meter on it and I need that ....I have checked the wires at the alternator but they all look good now im going to check the wires behind the tac ....but it would be nice to hear from y'all on...
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