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  1. Jakelc15

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    I found that solenoid. Your a little far away to swing by and get it! Pm me your address and I'll drop it in the mail.
  2. Jakelc15

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Ok. I misunderstood where your leak was. I still do not think the filter would cause it to overflow. The filter is the return side. I have seen these spit fluid out from overheating, having a leak/sucking air, and from improper fluid level. They are pretty picky on level. One of my pumps I...
  3. Jakelc15

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    The filter being clogged won't make the pump leak. It will bypass the filter by overcoming the spring. The return elbow leaking probably means it is cracked and needs rebrazed. Don't use a prybar against the reservoir section to tension the belt. It deforms it and makes it leak. I run ATF in...
  4. Jakelc15

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week? Hope this helps. The kit I got came with a drawing
  5. Jakelc15

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    That looks awsome! Now lets hear her sing!
  6. Jakelc15

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    I think I have a 12v solenoid around here somewhere if you want a spare. I just pop it on at 2000 rpm to keep the rpm's in check. It comes right on. I tend to kick them on when I come up to a slow vehicle also. If your going slower than me then that's a problem!
  7. Jakelc15

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    The air is no big deal. The oil will drain from them if the truck sits for a long period. I notice mine will come on a few seconds apart after sitting for a month or so. Then they work as normal. I was having trouble with my throttle returning to idle and initially thought it was because of the...
  8. Jakelc15

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    Looks good. Might have some trapped air or a sticky solenoid. You could swap solenoids and see if it follows it.
  9. Jakelc15

    Modifying Airpack Plumbing to Lock Brakes or be Towed.

    I like this idea and think it will be very useful while winching. Need to use a double check valve like a M809 to supply the chamber with air from 2 sources. A transfercase air shift valve would then work perfect to supply air and vent when turned off.
  10. Jakelc15

    Rebuilt air pack why wont brakes release?

    Kinda guessing but take the line off of the double check valve on the back of the can. The one that goes to the frame. That line should have went to the front gladhand and be vented to atmosphere.
  11. Jakelc15

    M809 Series- Front axle work and what to expect

    I haven't tried it but I was told to put the bearing in a gallon freezer bag with a gob of grease and pack it. Keeps the mess to a minimum and packs faster. I was going to try it when I replace my leaky axle seal
  12. Jakelc15

    Trick, functional jake brake grenade shifter

    Looks great. I love having my switch on the shifter. Although I didn't get quite as fancy as you. Those switches are the same type I used. They should hold up fine. Just keep something coated on the terminals. I like to use the battery terminal protector spray on most connections. Leaves a gel...
  13. Jakelc15

    My first military truck/ 1971 M818

    Don't you dare grease that 5th wheel plate! (we run a slick disc)
  14. Jakelc15

    New member from Hanover PA

    Hi Wifey! This truck was Tiffany's Birthday present! This was the only way she would let me buy another one! She has wanted one of her own for many years now.
  15. Jakelc15

    M1061 Tires, any vendors out there?

    I have looked for these tires before without much luck. I too need some for a m1061. I wonder how the skid steer turf tire would handle! They seem to be plentiful. Doubt that they are dot approved.
  16. Jakelc15

    Those Military Guys H4 Headlights

    I have been running H4 headlights for years. I did not get them from TMG. TMG wasn't even around when I first installed them. I bought E code headlamps and 24v H4 bulbs. Lamps are glass and well made. Very bright and I have not broke one yet. I believe they are marketed for Harley Davidson...
  17. Jakelc15

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I'm following along. I hope you guys get something worked out. I do not live in Md and can't help with legislation. But I do work for DOT in Md and can inspect commercial motor vehicles. So if anyone actually uses their trucks commercially I can do your annual inspection. Please don't bring...
  18. Jakelc15

    Turned away from camp grounds??

    When we started camping with our M818 and M348, I expected to be turned away at some places. We camp at a lot of state parks, never had any trouble. We did try to get a permanent spot at Round Top, near Gettysburg Pa, and was told our rig was too old/odd for them. But weekends were ok to stay...
  19. Jakelc15

    M818 Tractor Registration Number Location

    My M818 originally had the unit numbers on the front bumper and the tool box. I plan to put my registration numbers there as well
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