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  1. DanM7890

    M105 Trailer Taken off Fort Stewart

    Need a M105 taken off of Fort Stewart so I can come in and pick it up after working hours. Only thing I see that it may need is the tailgate to be held up via a ratchet strap. Everything else appears in good condition.
  2. DanM7890

    Non-military 20' Trailer Strengthening Advice

    I picked up a trailer and started to strip it down to strengthen the frame, redo the axle, add brakes, and redo all the wiring. The first thing I need to figure out is how to strengthen the frame. Before taking it apart you could sit on the corner and the trailer would flex more than I want...
  3. DanM7890

    Brought a M103-A3 home with F150

    Went down to Columbia yesterday to pick up Mike's M103-A3. Got all my lights hooked up and also had to extend the safety chains. Everything went smooth with the extended pintle adapter I put on the F150. Trailer was super easy to pull without any issues. Sat on the highway at a cruising speed of...
  4. DanM7890

    Military Diecast Collection

    Wanted to start my collection and was curious what everybody else has built. I'm going to build a M1078 with a M1082 trailer and a S280 shelter on it. I got lucky and snagged an ITALERI shelter that is the 12' ones unlike the 20' ISO ones they only make now.
  5. DanM7890

    Support strap for the compressor, ideas?

    The housing is deff cracked so I have sourced a good used Cat 3116 front mechanical housing Part#7E-6366 for $200 shipped. I'm not going to repair the one on there as I would rather have a good one without issues. My next thing is to find a way to support the compressor properly to avoid this...
  6. DanM7890

    Was Stranded at gas station in Newton Grove, NC.

    I'm on my way to get a trailer and I pulled over for fuel and I notice oil covers the bottom like it's been dropping for a couple miles. I don't want to start the engine to lift the cab and I am without tools. Anyone close? 980-229-5790
  7. DanM7890

    No Rear Taillights or Brake lights

    Working on my buddies M998 and he just switched over to all LED lights and they have been working find for a couple months now. All of a sudden he lost all rear lights and the brake light doesn't come on either. The side marker lights in the rear work fine though. We have tried a new light...
  8. DanM7890

    Today's Post Refresh Speed Improved

    Just want to give a shout out to you guys for continuing to reduce the refresh times. I have a habit of only clicking the "Today's posts" button to refresh a lot and it used to be much longer, but it seems to be a lot faster and I appreciate it. :goodjob:
  9. DanM7890

    Charlotte, NC to Columbus, OH

    I have another trip planned for July 8th-10th going from Charlotte, NC to Columbus, OH if you need anything brought up or down please PM me.
  10. DanM7890

    Utilis SM-5 16' x 8', I'm Confused.

    Picked up a tent from Bragg. The SM-5 is usually 8' x 8', but for some reason I have a 2-door SM-5 16' x 8' in my possession. Is this a hallway or maybe just two stuck together. Maybe it's mislabeled and supposed to be a SM-10? I will hopefully put it together this weekend and see. Just wanted...
  11. DanM7890

    Pickup @ Warner Robins, GA

    S-280 Pickup @ Warner Robins, GA Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone here can pickup an s-280 shelter out of Warner Robins. Size is 144"x86"x84" and weight is 1500#s. They will help load.
  12. DanM7890

    Found Old Army Trailer for Sale in VA

    Wasn't sure where to post this but just seeing if someone out there is looking for one. Came across this for sale if someone is interested. It's located just outside of Richmond, VA. Contact me for more info.
  13. DanM7890

    FMTV with Shelter, which model?

    Thanks to the Denton show now I want a box on my truck. I like the M1079 platform but I want to keep my bed on and just put a shelter on it. Does anyone know what kind of shelter this is with the side door? Maybe a S-280?
  14. DanM7890

    Danm7890's M998 Build

    Well I don't have a thread for my HMMWV build yet and I got a LOT done this weekend with about a dozen parts on the way to get put on this week. Here it goes. From getting her home I started to tear her down to the frame to repaint it all tan. The final product will be all tan, except the...
  15. DanM7890

    Dan's M1081 Pick-up and Build

    As I did with the M998 I left early to try and beat Coffey1 to the site so I could start pulling driveshaft's and get it ready to pull. Him and Andy were gracious enough to help me with the pickup by bringing up the 5-ton to pull it back with because it's a non-runner. I took a bunch of pictures...
  16. DanM7890

    Picked up my M998 today!!

    So I left early from the house in Charlotte to get to the AAA lot in Fayetteville at 9am to get my truck right away. I pulled in the lot, gave the nice women at the desk my papers. 15-20min later a big machine brings me my M998, and was surprised to see it up in the air. I was all prepared to...
  17. DanM7890

    Won a LMTV today, possible electrical issues.

    I won a M1081 today. I was curious as it looks like someone was chasing a electrical problem.. It states as it doesn't run and the cab won't raise. Also has two missing batteries and the light switch is missing. In the pictures it appears they were doing something in the passenger compartment...
  18. DanM7890

    LMTV from Fayetteville to Charlotte.

    I picked up a LMTV and need help getting it to me here in Charlotte. It is stated as non running because the cab won't lift up and two batteries are missing. If you can help let me know!
  19. DanM7890

    I'm driving from Charlotte, NC to Groveport/Columbus/Dayton Area

    I am going up to Columbus, OH the weekend of 3/11 so if you need anything brought down or taken up let me know. Just trying to help some members out.
  20. DanM7890

    Towing Humvee via tow bar

    From what I have seen on google it looks like the Humvee is easy to pull via tow bar. I am only 2.5hrs from the location of where I need to pick up my M998 so I was considering doing this. I have a 7x18' trailer, but I don't have drive over fenders and don't want to alter the trailer. My tow...
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