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  1. Zadvark

    Wiper Wash Control Wiring

    Okay, I'm in the -20 schematic (Figure F-20) and am trying to figure out how this works. I'm replacing with wiper control switch in the steering column and am finding the plug is wired slightly different and am wondering if I need to duplicate what came out. The first picture is the existing...
  2. Zadvark

    Steering Column - HA!, how hard can it be?

    All I wanted was to have a working wiper switch. Following the TMs, YouTube, and of course the SS search option I dug into the column. I have not removed the column from the truck and is it actually possible to snake the wire bundle down the inside column without pulling the whole thing out? The...
  3. Zadvark

    North Carolina FMV Legislation

    Looking for a good template to start a letter writing campaign in hopes to adopt laws pertaining to the licensure and registration much like they have in Texas. Does anyone have a good template from past attempts I can start with? These are not commercial vehicles and the 35 year limit is a...
  4. Zadvark

    M1009 Non "HD" Transmission Case

    Had a transmission pulled from a 1984 M1009 which did not have the "HD" embossed on the casing. As I did not receive this vehicle directly from DRMO I would think is possible that it had been swapped previously but it does appear to be the original transmission. Was the "HD" marking done later on?
  5. Zadvark

    North Carolina, Greensboro Non-CDL Testing

    Looking to schedule an appointment for my road test and am wondering if I'm going to have any trouble explaining how a M932 doesn't work like a civilian rig (spring brake over ride, etc). I'm just going for my non-CDL class B and I'm not looking forward to argueing with any of the inspectors...
  6. Zadvark

    Mystery Air Connect

    Doing a rebuild on the Air Dryer (see to the far left) on my 923A1 and I spotted a tee that was installed with a quick disconnect. Not very convenient for practical use but reservists can be a wiley bunch :). Any thoughts as to their reasoning?
  7. Zadvark

    Question - MEP-003 - Incorporating Ground From Lug on Chassis Into 4-Conductor Cable

    Trying to get the installation arapped up on a trailer mounted 003A. The electrician came into the right side of the connection box with a strain relief to run the cable through. running the cable this way, is there a neat way to tie the grounding wire in the cable budle down to the grounding...
  8. Zadvark

    New MEP-003A

    I feel obligated to thank the folks here at SteelSoldiers and those who've spent hours researching and doing mass brain dumps on MEP generators. I finally took possession of mine built up by none other than William Delk himself. I'm lucky enough to leave down the road from Delk's and took full...
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