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  1. 603hellmutt

    transmission picked up in Bells, TN

    I have a small transmission i bought in Bells, TN that I need picked up and either palletized or boxed up. Will gladly compensate for time and materials. I will handle all shipping. Really in a bind. Thanks
  2. 603hellmutt

    Bradenton FL Pickup and drop at fastenal

    Have 2 pallets at an FD in Bradenton FL that just need to be picked up and prepped for shipping then dropped at fastenal. Will compensate graciously Thanks
  3. 603hellmutt

    NH to Middle TN 5-5-20 space available

    I am headed from seacoast nh to middle tn with a 24' enclosed trailer with nothing in it. Leaving early morning tuesday 5/5 and will be to TN early am on the 6th. If you need something moved let me know
  4. 603hellmutt

    M942 Bed alternative ideas

    I have been pondering ideas on what to do with my new to me M942. Buying an actual bed is still in the cards but i want to do something less then usual. Thinking maybe a crew cab, and some type of flatbed. Anyone have any far out there ideas? I like doing unusual things with my trucks so im all...
  5. 603hellmutt

    Deuce Fuel lines

    New truck to me and am trying to replace the fuel lines, I have done quite a bit of searching and read many threads about fuel lines but wanted to see if there was a consensus on what is best? Stay with copper and flare it? Use the DOT air line? Rubber Hose? I would appreciate a full parts list...
  6. 603hellmutt

    High back seat picked up in Tampa and dropped at fastenal

    Bought a hmmwv High back with base and need it strapped to a pallet brought to the nearest fastenal everthing else is arranged. Located in Tampa,Fl Will compensate for your time.
  7. 603hellmutt

    Dash electronics

    I seem to be having an issue where nothing on my dash that is electrical works. Being more specific my voltage gauge doesn't work, my fuel gauge doesn't work my heater switch does nothing. Im going to pull it apart this weekend and dig into it and throw a meter on it along with installing a...
  8. 603hellmutt

    M923a2 Boston MA to Jenison MI

    I need to have my M923a2 shipped from the Boston, MA area to Jenison, MI. With all the extras that are going with the truck it weighs in at 24k it is approximately 875 miles. I have a truck that needs to come back from the same place. Cash paid on either end. Full loop run start and finish in...
  9. 603hellmutt

    New Hampshire to Nashville to New Hampshire

    Turns out ill be heading down to Nashville Mid September and will have room on my open car trailer going both ways. If you need anything moved along the route let me know. Will be completely empty heading down, and have an s250 shelter on it the way back but will still have room.
  10. 603hellmutt

    Mysterious fluid behind fording plug.

    So was going through and greasing my u-joints today and I noticed that my fording plug was in, and from everything I've read it should not be and should be stored in the threaded pocket. When I removed it there was a very odd non viscous liquid behind it it's not dripping out after the plug was...
  11. 603hellmutt

    91 M923a2 Inspection in southern NH

    Looking to have a truck looked at before i make the leap, located at a farm in Nottingham,NH Ideally in the next 2 weeks. Gas, Food, Fee.
  12. 603hellmutt

    M923a2 Brake light problem

    Looking at purchasing a new truck, found this 923a2 for a decent price. Everything on the truck seemed to be good up until the brake lights, it has a newer style push button light setup that I have no experience with. Blinkers and everything work other then brake lights. The brake lights will...
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