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  1. dougnash

    I just won this M1082 2013 Oshkosh

    I won this trailer with a $1,000 bid today Out the door the bill was $1,254.96 This is the first time I ever won a GP item, I am curious of the pick-up process Does anyone know if the air brakes need to be connected to tow this trailer ?
  2. dougnash

    Who won the 1095a1 from GP this morning ?

    Sweet trailer, 174 bids $4100 selling price w/o fees and taxes Anyone from here get it ?
  3. dougnash

    Need M925a2 trailered from Cairo Geogia to Fort Lee NJ

    Hi Looking for a few quotes or recommend a shipper please Truck runs and is ready to go I live on Long Island but I figure it will be a lot easier to meet before the bridges Truck is already registered and insured Maybe quote to 11520 as well Thank you in advance for your help
  4. dougnash

    General Dynamics Growlers

    I have been seeing these on gov planet auction lately One sold for $20k They look really cool especially with a diesel They have head and tail lights so I guess they can be used legally on street? Looks like there is a 4 seater M1161 and a 2 seater w/ jump seat in back for 3rd person M1163...
  5. dougnash

    C&C equipment Nashville Indiana

    Hi I have looked at a few 5 tons via private sellers and didn't really find anything I liked Govt auctions wouldn't be for me Anyone buy a truck from C&C or use their shop service? From their website it looks like they have some nice trucks Any feedback ? Thank you
  6. dougnash

    Help with identifying these trucks please

    Hi I am new here Can someone tell me specifically what type of trucks these are ? They have peaked my interest and I want to find more info about them because I might have the opportunity to aquire I know they are 1962 & 1963 but what model # They have diesels Thank you in advance for your help
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