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  1. Denvercaitland

    Mep803A Auxiliary fuel tank

    Found a 73 us gallons reefer tank. Built a stand so I could load on a trailer with the skidsteer when needing refills. Quick disconnect before the pump for the 803 and quick disconnect after the pump for fuel nozzle. Put about 60hrs on the set so far. Aux pump kick in at 1/4 tanks and...
  2. Denvercaitland

    MEP803A, governor slow to react to load

    Recently got the 803 running. Put approx 18hrs run time in the last week performing various load test. Have access to various 5A, 10A , 20 and 23A 240v load. I was able to bring the load to 60A - 115% - Once and set ran fine. Problem is I can't do it consistently. If I try to step up the...
  3. Denvercaitland

    Mep803a final hookup and first load test.

    Moved the 803 to its permanent location , and did initial load test. The double throw switch and sub panel in the shop worked as planned. Loaded at 20.6A -46.12A - 54.37A. Water temp constant at 190°, oil pressure 40psi ,Hz from 60.5 at no load to 59.5 at 54.37 I reviewed a post from KennyO...
  4. Denvercaitland

    Mep 803a hydro locked

    In process of getting 803 running ( never fired up this far). A bit of history; got this set on Canadian version of gov surplus. No history, no indication of conditions at time of purchase. Set has 1810hrs and from different marking on various parts looks like it was serviced then parked...
  5. Denvercaitland

    Overspeed sensor ? MEP 803

    Finally getting around to work on getting generator started ( Canadian DND set). Notice the wire was cut. Read most of the threads and TM .but cant quite figure out what the sensor is for, any input would be appreciated.
  6. Denvercaitland

    Canadian military version of mep-803a

    Hi, new to the forum and I have read as much as I can from all the info on the forum. The TM and various thread have given me very good background on the 803. I have recently acquired a surplus military 803. Was told that it was in working condition before being declared surplus...
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