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  1. joediveguy

    M1009 rear bumper for Suburban

    That looks awesome! I just picked up a 1991 Suburban and am thinking about putting a CUCV Bumper and grill guard on it too.
  2. joediveguy

    Civi K5 Blazer electric door swap

    yes yes you did. If you're going to the rally this weekend at graves Mountain you'll also see me there.
  3. joediveguy

    Civi K5 Blazer electric door swap

    I picked up a couple real nice electric doors from a 1987 K5 Blazer and was contemplating swapping them onto my Oh09, whose doors are pretty ragged. I am looking for anyone who has actually done this for advice on how to hook up the electrical wiring. I really don’t want to gut the doors and...
  4. joediveguy

    Va Rally at Graves Mountain (Labor Day Weekend) 2013

    Hey Garbee, I'll be there Friday evening with my son and two others in tow. Looking forward to another great time. We will pay you when we get in. Joe
  5. joediveguy

    Va Rally at Graves Mountain (Labor Day Weekend) 2013

    I'm planning on being there again this year with my boy!
  6. joediveguy

    Bell 47 Helicopter - Australia

    subscribed....waiting for the pic's......
  7. joediveguy

    m1008 cargo cover and bow Dimensions

    Hey ed, did you ever make, or find any more bow parts? I am looking for a frame/bow assy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  8. joediveguy - CUCV parts

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the troop cover frame for the M1008 series CUCV. Any chance you have any? Joe
  9. joediveguy

    M1008 cargo bows

    Just came across this thread. I am thinking about doing the same thing. Did you ever get it done with EMT?
  10. joediveguy

    Shelter Prototype??

    PM sent
  11. joediveguy

    M1009 from Moscow, Russia

    LOL! Looks great! I sure don't miss those Moscow winters!
  12. joediveguy

    Finally got the Roof Rack M1009

    looks good! I like the spots for the MFC's. I'm going to have to do that on mine!
  13. joediveguy

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    I discovered a camo Alice Pack cover at a local Army Surplus store and tried it out. Not waterproof but offers some UV protection to the tire. I shot it with liberal amounts of scottsguard. Mine is a stock 31" so it may not fit a 33", but for $5, I'd give it a try!
  14. joediveguy

    Shelter Prototype??

    I was told that they were used for some sort of XRay / Scanner equipment on base. Yes, there is a big tank in the front of each one with racks in the tank and four, or more, drains in the bottom. I'll see about getting mote interior pic's.....
  15. joediveguy

    Shelter Prototype??

    Maybe someone here can help me identify these shelters..... I Just savedthese from the crusher…..Not sure what they are but they appear to be either civilian versions of the Military shelters, or a prototype of the S-250’s. They are all fiberglass with foam core andnot tin or aluminum. The...
  16. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    The boom is eight bolts and I can mount / remove it bymyself. It took Tom about a week to fabit up. The safari rack took two of us towrestle it up and into place and took a about a month for my buddy to build.
  17. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    Hey guys, sorry but I have been “off line” for a while. I have been spending every spare minute inthe field hunting. This is a 100% custommade safari rack, welded by a friend of mine who builds race car chassis. He has no interest in recreating it foranyone, however I do have another buddy...
  18. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    That will work too! My neighbor just got a BIG 7pt. with his crossbow in his back yard. We just spent all day drinking beer and processing it on my back deck!
  19. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    I designed it to be removable after hunting season.
  20. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    Thanks guy's, my goal this year is to bag a Black Bear and this rig should help me once I get him!
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