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  1. donnerwetter58

    Haspin Fall Get Together 2016

    The Haspin Fall Get Together 2016 has been slated for October 6 - 9. For all of you who didn't get your fill at the Summer Rally, here's your chance to do it again. We'd like to see hundreds, if not thousands of trucks for this event. But I guess we'll take what we get. Hope to see you all...
  2. donnerwetter58

    DAV 5K run - Cincinnati, OH

    Cincinnati will be holding it's second annual Disabled American Veterans 5K run on Saturday, November 8. The location is downtown Cincinnati. This event drew thousands of runners last year to benefit the DAV. An invitation has been extended to provide four military trucks for static display...
  3. donnerwetter58

    Deuce oil leaks

    When I bought this thing a year ago it would leave a small oil spot under the engine. The source was the oil filter housing. That was resealed and the lifter covers were tightened. It's all pretty dry up there now. The transmission and transfer case always have a drop hanging from them. The...
  4. donnerwetter58

    What is this bracket for?

    This bracket / mount is just ahead of the right side door and behind the exhaust stack. I've searched the manuals and come up blank. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  5. donnerwetter58

    Viewing tech. manuals and articles.

    Good morning, I'm a new member and was attempting to view items under the "Resources" tab. The only item that opens is the classified ads. Vehicle specs., Tech. manuals and Tech. articles all revert to the recent post page. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. donnerwetter58

    Advice on Deuce purchase.

    Good morning from a FNG. I've been constantly bugged for the last 2 months since looking at a local Deuce. I think I need to buy it but would like some advice. Here's the basics. It's a 1985 M35A2C WO/W. 14000 miles, 650 hours. New soft top, heater, LDT465-1C engine. It was an Air Force truck...
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