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  1. Awol

    What you guys think of this M998?

    I don't know if we're allowed to post links to active auctions, so if I'm not supposed to I'll remove it. That said, I've been eyeballing HMMWVs for a while now. This one caught my eye initially because its in my state of MA, so I could go pick it up myself easily. I was planning on purchasing...
  2. Awol

    Whats your 6.2 Oil Pressure?

    When I start the M1008 its right around 45psi cold, and when it gets up to around 200F its at around 15-20psi. It jumps right back to 40 when driving. I was wondering what the rest of you guys are pulling for numbers? I know the general rule is 10psi for every 1K Rpm.
  3. Awol

    What front lift springs are you running?

    Im looking for some lift, and Im thinking about running a shackle flip in the rear, and 4-6" springs in the front. I know you walk a fine line with the front driveshaft running 6" springs, so Im leaning towards a 4" one. What Im wondering though, is the weight of the 6.2, combined with a 9ft...
  4. Awol

    Running Hmmwv wheels question

    Hi guys, So Im in the market for some 16.5" wheels, and seeing how they're hard to find around my way Im looking into picking up a set of HMMWV wheels. I have a few quick questions on them... 1: From what I read, I would need to run spacers. Is this on all 4 wheels, or just the front? What...
  5. Awol

    Just picked up a 84 M1008

    Hi guys, I just picked up a 84 M1008. It has the 6.2, with the 24 volt system still intact. It has a 4" lift with 33's on it. It has a nasty flatbed with alot of LED lights installed. The long block has around 20k miles, and the trans has about 30k. I will upload a bunch of pics tomorrow. I...
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