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  1. 3dAngus

    M37B1 Goes for $187,000.00

    Looks like a new world record at Barrett Jackson on Wednesday. Just awesome!
  2. 3dAngus

    Seeking pallet or contents moved from Moyock, NC to middle Ga.

    I have ten boxes on a pallet that I need moved from NC to Perry, Ga, or somewhere close, in the next ten days. Should be about 400 pounds of new uninteruptable power supplies for my solar tent setup. Please PM me if you are available to help and what my expected $ contribution should be. Thanks...
  3. 3dAngus

    Repairing Trailer canvas tears

    It seems more and more trailers are coming in with torn sheets off the back and front. Gimpy once said, at a Ga. Rally years ago, UV is the culprit, and it eats the threads. I'm more than convinced at this time, seeing over a dozen torn off front or back sheets on these trailer canvas covers. I...
  4. 3dAngus

    How do you preserve your M101/103/105 covers?

    As many of us know, the tops of these trailer covers get crusty after only a few years, due to UV and water sitting on the top over prolonged periods of time. I have pulled a trailer cover, gently across the ground, and threads tear off the panels and I find myself with a useless cover. The UV...
  5. 3dAngus

    What happened to all the WIKI's?

    I might not be doing this right. I go to the WIKI page to find a deuce parts exchange for vendor parts like NAPA etc. on brakes, engine parts, tranny, etc and there are only 2 WIKI's there, one on MEP-002s and one on CUCV's. We used to have more there. Am I missing something? (Get it? - missing...
  6. 3dAngus

    Would you wear these shoes?

    I cannot say this is the only reason why I am not going to be ready for the Veterans Day Parade, but it sure is a show stopper all by itself. Would you mount these cracked shoes on your vehicle. I recently received these shoes in the mail from our favorite auction website when I noticed the...
  7. 3dAngus

    Can you identify this component of a Generator trailer?

    Sitting at the front of this M116A2 generator trailer is this big green box. It does not appear to have any cables running out of it, or in it, yet. Can anyone identify what this big box is. Could it be some kind of generator switching device? Any idea what the component identification is so I...
  8. 3dAngus

    Veteran's State Park details, meet and greet and swap

    All I can say is,... WOW! But first, please read all of the thread started by Sandcobra164 at; In this co-joined thread, co-ordinated via telecon with Joseph (Sandcobra), I...
  9. 3dAngus

    Space available from Robins AFB to Daytona

    I'm carrying a M1101 to Daytona on Friday morning early. If you need anything moved from Robins AFB to Daytona or Orlando let me know before Wednesday at 10PM. I have room for one and maybe two pallets and about 2000 pounds max. You must be willing to meet me at noon on Friday at Daytona and do...
  10. 3dAngus

    Doing a wheelie in a M-49 - A Recovery of a Deuce

    Chasing Dennis down a dirt road was like Bo chasing Luke. He seems to get a edge on the dirt, whether he is empty or carrying a 13,000 pound load. When I heard RayK got another MV from GL, this one a M35A2 with winch, I offered to help out with the recovery. He helped me a bunch during the...
  11. 3dAngus

    Underwater Deuce

    Some of you guys remember this video. I thought the underwater hitchhikers were funny. I'd love to have a deuce that can do this. Anyone have one anything close to this one?
  12. 3dAngus

    Advice for LED headlights to Flood lights for a bobber

    Hi, I overbought some military LED headlights and have six, and only need the two. I won't put them on my M-37 which I hope to restore to "near" original. So I was thinking about putting up a 'roll bar' style bar in the back bed of the deuce and use it for a light mount. It would be purely...
  13. 3dAngus

    Removing water from instrument gauges

    I knew better then to wash my new deuce down with a hose, but I figured a bucket of soapy water and soft bristle brush alone wouldn't do it to my satisfaction. And sure enough, one gauge, my oil gauge, on the bottom left, picked up a lot of water and you could see it down in the bottom of the...
  14. 3dAngus

    Answer needed m35A2 dataplate smudge

    Can someone look at their M35A2 without winch dataplate and look at the bottom center block labeled, "Shipping curbage". I am having some new dataplates made up. The data in that block is smeared out and faded. Can someone read it for me. They are all different on the various M35s so be...
  15. 3dAngus

    Got my coveted M-37

    MY greatest desire in the MV world, after buying three deuces, was to obtain and improve upon a M-37, a 3/4 ton Dodge pickup of the Korean War era. This is a 1954, and is representative of the M-37 (M-42) my Dad used on a great hunting expedition in Alaska prior to Alaska becoming a state. I...
  16. 3dAngus

    On the way to Bobs

    Today, with the help of USMCTopGun and Applacious, I am moving my Deuce, M35A2, on the way to Roberts for cuttin' and welden'. This will be my third deuce, after my M35A3 and my M109A3 camper, I'm going to try my long awaited Bobber. Bobbers are well suited for the Georgia Outdoors where the...
  17. 3dAngus

    MRAP tire differences for the Deuce Bobber

    Yesterday, I recovered my two sets of 395/85R20 MRAP tires for my Deuce bob project. It turns out there was a surprise in the two lots I purchased. There were two different sets of wheels with the new Michelin X’s mounted, one set of 4 had 12 bolt and the other set had 24 bolt. This being my...
  18. 3dAngus

    M37 question

    Just for the heck of it, I bought what was advertised as a m37 pto crane today. Not sure if it was a military issue or homemade. Does anyone have any pictures of a pto crane on a M37 I can look at. I searched but didn't readily come up with anything. I'll post pictures of the crane I purchased...
  19. 3dAngus

    Get rid of that biodiesel, for new MV buys

    I met a friend who I haven't seen in years early this morning and we discussed the M series MVs. He is a diesel mechanic at Robins, and a really good one. He avoids the M series due to all the problems with the fuel systems. In the next bay, a friend of his works the M series deuce and 5 tons...
  20. 3dAngus

    Fuel leak, over top of turbo, what is it?

    Fire extinguisher standing by... This ties directly into the main fuel injector line, and is located over the top of the turbo unit. It is leaking down on the turbo and burning off, so I'm grounded. Tech manuals show something like it, but it is a different mount. It has two lines in/out, and...
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