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  1. 603hellmutt

    transmission picked up in Bells, TN

    I have a small transmission i bought in Bells, TN that I need picked up and either palletized or boxed up. Will gladly compensate for time and materials. I will handle all shipping. Really in a bind. Thanks
  2. 603hellmutt

    Bradenton FL Pickup and drop at fastenal

    Have 2 pallets at an FD in Bradenton FL that just need to be picked up and prepped for shipping then dropped at fastenal. Will compensate graciously Thanks
  3. 603hellmutt

    NH to Middle TN 5-5-20 space available

    I am headed from seacoast nh to middle tn with a 24' enclosed trailer with nothing in it. Leaving early morning tuesday 5/5 and will be to TN early am on the 6th. If you need something moved let me know
  4. 603hellmutt

    Maine rally 2015

    Counting i probably cant make Weare this year another rally would be nice. I am right at the 95/495 split in NH and have plenty of recovery tools if someone decided they wanted to attempt the trip.
  5. 603hellmutt

    New England rough idea of transport costs

    JR Martin out of PA for longer moves, and locally i use Eastbound Transport out of Pepperel, MA. Lucky for you O'Hallorans towing out of Ellsworth goes back that way empty frequently and might be worth a call. I deal in fire apparatus and those are the 3 companies that i use frequently...
  6. 603hellmutt

    Oshkosh w712

    Cant help much with your problem but neat truck! Were you able to get the blade with it?
  7. 603hellmutt

    Orbeeze for removing water from fuel?

    Interesting thought. My daughter has some of these and i just happen to have about 10 gallons of watery diesel. I may just try your idea tomorrow and see what happens if for no other reason then to say i did it..
  8. 603hellmutt

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Anyone have Part numbers for these 2 air lines? both of mine have significant chafing and small leaks. Or even dimensions for the hoses and fittings? Also does anyone know what wire number it is for the rear running lights?
  9. 603hellmutt

    Buying a MK23...Am I making the right decision?

    One simple reason IMO, very few have actually cleared the EUC process and therefore there is not many people talking about them.
  10. 603hellmutt

    How are ya'll locking/securing your 5-tons?

    I beleive it's Thosemilitaryguys that sells the door handles. I have a keyed battery cutoff, chained to the nearest tree and i usually take my batteries if i wont see the truck for awhile.
  11. 603hellmutt

    M942 Bed alternative ideas

    I have been pondering ideas on what to do with my new to me M942. Buying an actual bed is still in the cards but i want to do something less then usual. Thinking maybe a crew cab, and some type of flatbed. Anyone have any far out there ideas? I like doing unusual things with my trucks so im all...
  12. 603hellmutt

    S250 Shelter is there a drain hole? If so, where is it?

    Usually if it has one it will be on the floor on the right hand side about 10" or so in from the door. Ive owned probably 4 s250s and all have had the drain in the same spot.
  13. 603hellmutt

    First time 5 ton owner

    That the truck built by Bullet Motorsports? Saw the promo video for it awhile back. Sweet truck.
  14. 603hellmutt

    Slow build project... a 4x4 5 Ton fixed boom wrecker AKA Project Spare Parts

    No one better for the job. I'm sure you'll have the truck running like new if not better.
  15. 603hellmutt

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I replaced the upper windshield hinge and noticed that it went on a little tight. Forced it a bit more then i should of and felt the "snap" of the glass. Now if only i could find a reasonably priced replacement or a place that would cut the glass for less then $100. On another note, what is the...
  16. 603hellmutt

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    First photo is when it showed up 2 weeks ago, the second photo is as it sits after i cracked the new passenger windshield i just bought.
  17. 603hellmutt

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Been working on the new to me ex. forestry M35a2. So far i have put the new soft top on, new passenger door and glass. Planning to do a new ebrake cable this week, 1 windshield, drivers door window, put new batteries in, mount my new mirrors. Still plenty to get done but i have all winter.
  18. 603hellmutt

    Deuce Fuel lines

    im trying to find a local hydraulic shop that will do it but so far no luck, looks like ill be using rubber tubing and doing it myself. Gives me something to do i guess?
  19. 603hellmutt

    Deuce Fuel lines

    Not new to Green iron, but have never delved into 2 1/2 tons only hmmwvs and 5 tons. Learning as much as i can
  20. 603hellmutt

    Deuce Fuel lines

    New truck to me and am trying to replace the fuel lines, I have done quite a bit of searching and read many threads about fuel lines but wanted to see if there was a consensus on what is best? Stay with copper and flare it? Use the DOT air line? Rubber Hose? I would appreciate a full parts list...
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