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  1. forest522

    Low Voltage and instrument lighting issues

    Good day everyone. Long time reader and admirer of this site. Thanks to the common issues discussed and resolved here I have had this m1009 on the road for over 8 years including a move from PNW to the SW towing belongings in an m116 trailer and more recently a trip to VA and back to ABQ...
  2. forest522

    Thump of a shift - first gear

    So, ole Belle (as my daughter calls her) and I have driven many miles together with family and friends. We've searched for and cut Christmas trees in two states...gone on many campouts...driven countless errands...and transported kidos to as many activities all around town. She has always...
  3. forest522

    Questions about the M116 trailer

    Good day, I just picked up a very basic M116 trailer with a steel deck. The pintle has been removed and replaced with a two inch standard ball hitch assembly and the whole thing was painted some green color. Most of the paint came off with a good pressure washing. The rest of the unit looks...
  4. forest522

    Structure of M1009 Fiberglass top - Adding a Roof Rack

    I've been considering installing a false rain gutter kit from Thule. Then I can use the roof rack I already have on the hard top. Question is...isn't there hollow space between two layers on the upper side part of the hard top? From the inside, it looks like it's pretty "thick." I'm pretty...
  5. forest522

    Temperature Gauge and Oil Gauge install question

    Ok, so I have been browsing lots of threads using the above and other combinations in the search function and have not come up with an answer. Maybe I am reading too much into the tech manual schematics but here goes the question anyway... Looking at F-3 engine compartment ignition circuit’s...
  6. forest522

    Whats on top of Your CUCV?

    I thought I'd start a thread that shows off what we can carry with these rigs. I've seen a few good roof racks out there. So lets see them! Got Christmas Tree??
  7. forest522

    Fusible link from Alternator and Charging Issues

    Ok, I'll be to the point. Like many here, I put a lot of time and research into this obsession. Just when you think it is all ready... I am only getting 12.4 volts at the batteries while engine running. Removed and had the Alternator tested (lifetime warranty from OReilly). Watched the...
  8. forest522

    1984 m1009 CUCV rebuild

    Right at one year ago, I jumped in on a project vehicle and thought I'd share how things have been going. The '09, a CL find, was pretty rough and smoked most of the 300 miles from pickup to new home. New batteries, new Injection Pump and some wiring work and it was driveable. The body was...
  9. forest522

    Heavy Duty Headlight wiring harness

    For once this is not yet a problem but just a question to avoid a possible problem. I searched the CUCV forums for "heavy duty headlight wiring" in a variety of combinations and didn't see anything that addresses this. I have upgraded my headlights to the fancy ones in the LMC catalog. They...
  10. forest522

    Removal of the shift lever - need help

    Gentlemen, I have researched other CUCV threads and had difficulty finding out how to remove the shift lever arm. The Chiltons manual and the TMs are not clear on this procedure. Or maybe I've been spending too much time on the project and my brain is mush?! :deadhorse: Either way, I am...
  11. forest522

    Primer over CARC

    Firstly, I am new to this and hope I have not missed a thread that answers this question. After hours of 'searching' threads, I still have this question. Given that I have removed the rust spots, prepped rough areas (sanding and if down to bare metal re-apply primer), can I then prime the...
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