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    R.I.P.- James "Neil" MacNeill Hendrix

    Another of our SS brethren passed on this past Sunday, A friend and fellow MV enthusiast, Neil Hendrix passed away at home Oct 27th. I spent several events, Aberdeen, Georgia, the NC rally both convoying to and from and many hours talking Deuces and MVs in general with him. He will be greatly...
  2. AMGeneral

    Possible storage needed near Ft Carson, CO

    Hi folks, I may be getting an item from Fort Carson, Colorado in the coming week, not sure yet. Just in case, is there anyone close that could store a truck for several weeks till I can get out and drive it back? PM me if you can, Thanks.
  3. AMGeneral

    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    New to me 1969 M274A5 Brunswick mule Just when I thought I was selling off the MVs and kind of getting "out" of the hobby, A coworker found a M274 mule on a local "for sale" site, and I got a chance to go look at it this evening, needless to say the price was right so it came home with me...
  4. AMGeneral

    M62A1 leaving for it's new home.

    Afternoon Folks, The M62A1 wrecker left a few minutes ago with it's new owner HvyEng at the wheel, headed south to Cottageville, SC. He will be heading south through Gastonia and York, SC if anyone could lend assistance if needed. I don't forsee any problems with the truck, but you never...
  5. AMGeneral

    looking for a rough quote for shipping a running M62

    As the title states, looking for a quote to ship a running M62 5 ton wrecker from ​St Albans, VT to Morganton,NC. Yes, I know I could drive it, but it's a gasser, so it would be cheaper to ship it.
  6. AMGeneral

    M920 pickup- Panama City, Florida to Morganton,NC

    Just starting this thread for anyone near or enroute between here and there to forewarn you. Ferro and myself will be making the trip south to pick up and (hopefully) drive the M920 I purchased home,we will be leaving Feb 3rd and hopefully arriving back here on or about Feb 5th. We will be...
  7. AMGeneral

    M915 series(915,916,917,920) VIN location?

    OK,another question came to mind yesterday while I had some free time at work, Is the VIN / serial number of the M915 series(915,916,917,920) of trucks stamped into the frame or anywhere else OTHER than the data plate inside the drivers door?
  8. AMGeneral

    New project truck,AMGeneral M920!

    Well,after selling off most of my MV collection,it was bound to happen sooner or later. I agreed to purchase a AMGeneral M920 from a private individual this evening, It is several states away,and pickup will be sometime in mid January. I guess this puts me back into the "Big truck club" again...
  9. AMGeneral

    Terex/Load King M322 LT air brake diagram

    Terex/Load King M322 LT trailer progress Ok folks,I will cover some of the repairs and part numbers for the members that recently purchased on of these trailers. First off,does anyone have the TM or like for the Holden or Load King M322 LT EET trailer? Specifically,I am needing the air...
  10. AMGeneral

    Road trip to Leesburg,GA on Friday April 29th

    Hi folks, I will be leaving here with the M54A1C on Friday April 29th and headed to Leesburg, GA to pick up my M322 LT equipment trailer from Sandcobra164. Hopefully all will go well,we plan to overnight in Cordele,then make the trip back on Saturday. We will be taking I-85 south to US-441...
  11. AMGeneral

    Possible wrecker assistance needed in the near future near Waco,GA

    Evening folks, I am putting out feelers for some possible assistance from a local or close to Waco,GA wrecker owner. I may need a roughly 36,000 pound, non running piece of tracked equipment winched up on a trailer, I have several double sheave snatch blocks and several 3/4 chains I will bring...
  12. AMGeneral

    My Deuce going to a new home.

    Well,Today I passed my 1967 Deuce"Oddball" on to it's new owner,along with all the associated parts I had for it. Kind of a sad moment for me,this was the first MV I myself purchased in 1999,now I am officially deuceless. Hopefully the new owner will be posting up here with new expierences...
  13. AMGeneral

    Morganton,NC to Spring Branch,TX and back

    Well folks,I am planning to make a 3 day round trip to Spring Branch TX to pick up some Gama Goat tires. I am planning to leave here on Thursday Sept 3rd and be at my destination on the 4th, not taking any MVs this trip(that I know of anyway),just the dually and gooseneck. I should have about...
  14. AMGeneral

    My new to me Gama Goat

    Well I guess I can shed some light as to what happened to mkcoen's other Goat here in NC...... Long story short,it never left,I ended up buying it from him. I have been working on it for the last couple weeks,so far I have gotten the bearings repacked in all 6 wheels,greased the entire...
  15. AMGeneral

    Gama Goat wheel bearing adjustment procedure?

    Ok,maybe I am missing it,but do the TM's downloaded on SS contain the proper procedure for adjusting the wheel bearings on a Gama Goat after repacking them? I am going through the brakes and figured I might as well clean and repack the bearings while I am down this far. Maybe my eyes are...
  16. AMGeneral

    5 ton transmission from NC to GA

    Just putting some feelers out there, Seeing if someone could move a 5 ton transmission from my location to GA,specifically close to Squirt Truck's place or thereabouts. I have the means to load it,and i'm sure Mark has the means to unload it.
  17. AMGeneral

    New to me M151A1

    Well I guess since I have had it a week,I should finally post up about my recent purchase. I purchased a 1967 uncut Ford M151A1 August 3rd,now the task of getting parts to restore it,as well as fix a few rusty spots in the front floors as well as the rear body behind the rear seat. I had been...
  18. AMGeneral

    M813A1 and M62A1 earning their keep!

    Just a few pictures of todays exploits with the 813A1 and M62A1, I had the opportunity to help move a log cabin constructed in 1931 from it's original site to a new site on the great grandson's property. The 813A1 did ok,but was lacking in the weight department,so the M62 came out for the...
  19. AMGeneral

    04A084 Slick magneto internal timing?

    Ok folks, After searching the TM on these engines as well as scouring the threads,I haven't found the answer I need. I have a 04A084 military standard engine with the Slick model 4220 magneto,I took it apart to clean the points(it had no spark), and now I need to know how to re time the rotor...
  20. AMGeneral

    M813A1 pickup at Ferro's place.

    Well folks, I'll be leaving early Saturday morning with the M62A1 to go pick up my M813A1 I bought back late last year. I'll be running down I-40 to US 321,then to I-85 to I-485 to I-77 south. Pics and maybe video will be posted Sat evening.
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