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  1. big block 88

    New account classified postings removed.

    Howdy all. I Was just curious about something. I had an old account under bigblock88 for years. Well my email was hacked and I lost all my log in info and every account I had tied to that email was lost for some reason. Passwords that I knew were correct no Worked here or other boards. So a...
  2. big block 88

    M939 with tac4

    Wonder how many of these were made and if any made the private side? Perhaps Tac4 can be adapted to 939 trucks... i did a search and didnt see this on here yet. I knkw these were test beds for the mtvr program before they found out they needed a clean sheet redesign. Would love to know...
  3. big block 88

    M923a1 slave start issues

    Im looking for some input from the pros here. I have a buddies 923 here for some luxury accessories. The truck has had a slow drain and the bats were dead. The owner slaved oit off its deuce and it fired right up. I go to slave off my 925 and nothing it sparks at the receptacle and when the...
  4. big block 88

    TMG a/c kit on M923a1

    Has anyone installed one of these kits on an a1 truck? Im at a loss for how it all goes together. There is no instructions in the kit. Does the A1 kit not use a belt driven compressor? This kit doesnt have one. As for the wiring i see the power wire and a couple grounds but one of the grounds...
  5. big block 88

    Fuel shut solenoid issues.

    So my m925a1 with nhc 250 is driving me nuts. Since we picked it up with 5k miles a saw red paint on the front bumper and it was marked throttle sticks. I never experienced that issue or what i would consider throttle sticking. But the trucks fuel shut off solenoid has never worked. Last friday...
  6. big block 88

    Im at work and need a favor (measurement)

    Im currently at work and i need a measurement for the inside of the front bumper channel. From inside flange to inside flange on the outsidenof the frame where it is widest. thank you
  7. big block 88

    Stepping into the realm of 5 tons

    We have left the world of the deuce and a halfs and entered into the world of 5 tons. We picked up a 200 hour 5400 mile M925a1. Truck was perfectly straight and had an excellent tri color camo but we couldnt resist doing our dark green/brown paint job we use on our trucks. We are still working...
  8. big block 88

    Need help with brake fluid leak under hood

    I am perplexed here, I have checked through the TM's and maybe I have missed something (im sure I have) but I can not figure out what an item is on the firewall. It is positioned just to the passenger side of the valve cover n the fire wall, it has copper lines running to it and then just an...
  9. big block 88

    5 ton cover on deuce??

    Okay I'm trying to remember how well the 5 ton covers fit on the duece and a halfs bed. I have done it in the past and I know it worked but I can't remember if it was terrible fitting. If I do intact remember correctly the 5 tin bed is a bit longer and the front bulkhead flap on the cover had...
  10. big block 88

    Parts wanted?????????/

    So you guys are telling me I need to pay you 15 bucks just to post that I am in need of a part for my M35A2 heater????????? WTF guys this site is supposed to be about helping keep the MV hobby alive and well and there are people I am sure in the smae situation as me all over the place. I...
  11. big block 88

    24 Volt light wireing brain fart

    Okay we have been mounting some additional lighting on the trucks front bumper and next ontop of the cab, but I ran into a brain fart it seems. Attached is an image of how I hooked up the light they are mounted on a switch in the dash but I get NO current to the lights, I know I am doing...
  12. big block 88

    new hydraboost doesnt have plug

    We are redoing our entire brakeing system on our parade truck after a brake failure caused by a broken master cylinder. We have replaced all wheel cylinders shoes brake kits master cylinder had new hard lines made, the issue is with the hydraboost. We have several hydraboost units for the M35...
  13. big block 88

    axle vent modification

    Our rockwells are torn down right now getting new seals the keyways fixed. I belive this all came from clogged vents. Has anyone modified there vent tubes? I was thinkin of removing the little cap on the axle and putting a hose on them and extending the hose upward toward the bed to help with...
  14. big block 88

    Best place to buy parts for rockwell rebuild

    We have our rear axles torn down right now and need to get them back together. The axle rebuild/service kits we have dozens of in our stock pile have all been torn open and they are all missing there outer seal. So now I need to find some outer seals cheap I will post the part number when I...
  15. big block 88

    INterior com system????

    Soooo, I am not sure what this would even be called so I can't really search it. Anyway overseas we had com sets we could use in the trucks, I have never seen them before or since. Anyone here have knowledge on what it would take to make a com setup in the truck with a headpiece and mic for...
  16. big block 88

    1/4 ton trailer

    So I just stumbled across a 1/4 ton trailer from the old Willy's days. My question is how rare are these things? I was planning on making it my welding trailer to haul my welders and leads and bottles, seeing as it is missing the sides. But if there is a big demand for these should I just try...
  17. big block 88

    Pics for M35 power steering air assist retro fit

    okay I have an air assist unit sitting on my shelf in the shop off of an A3 but I was wondering what is out there for hrda units? I have done a search on here and Pirate 4x4 but I have come up with pretty much nothing. So I am turning to you fellas for info and pics. Does anyone have any...
  18. big block 88

    Deuce Dump

    I posted pics of this in my intro to the site but I figured I would post here for a bit more traffic of te duece boys. Truck was rebuilt in 90 and had set it's entire life it seems low hours and very low miles. Truck did have rust on the driver door around the latch ahdle. I welded up the...
  19. big block 88

    Howdy from KS

    Hey all, how are we doin today?? I have been lurking this site as a non member for a while now and decided I would join up and try and help where I can. Me and my old man have restored 7 duece and Halfs from the ground up to Vietnam Era specs, with our newest project being a bobbed duece...
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