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  1. GM72K10

    M1008 Cap

    Just picked this truck up the other day. Cap is fiber glass and looks like it had a door. Any one seem similar, and pictures of it complete? Thanks.
  2. GM72K10


    Picked this up Monday. M1008 ex Brush truck. Has Body lift, inner fenders removed for when it had the water tank. Used to have a Hale pump on the front that they threw away. Poor Park Ranger thought the steering box was a PTO unit. Runs and drives, always a bonus. Parts truck for other projects...
  3. GM72K10

    Got another one

    MN1028a1 that actually is in decent shape for the price. Only missing one alternator and batteries. Something else to play with as time permits. 480 mile round trip to recover yesterday.
  4. GM72K10

    CUCV II Actual and prototype ads

    Found these at Aberdeen too. Actually cleaned out all of this man's CUCV and CUCV II stuff in a package deal. If you are a member here, thanks again.
  5. GM72K10

    CUCV Rockwell anti-tank Ads

    Found these at Aberdeen also. Rockwell ads in Military Technology 7/83
  6. GM72K10

    CUCV prototype ad 1983

    Pre production trucks. Notice Bridge plate is on passenger side.
  7. GM72K10

    M1031 CUCV shipping data paper 6 3 86

    Picked this up with a bunch of other CUCV and CUCV II paper yesterday at Aberdeen. I've had these for civilian vehicles but first time for a CUCV. As you can see this was for a M1031, dated 6/3/86. Shipped from Flint Assembly plant to Warren, Michigan
  8. GM72K10

    GSA find M1028

    Picked this up yesterday. Not many left in this condition in the Northeast at least. University of Maryland farm Truck. Pretty rust free M1028, all original, lots of dirt but runs and drives. Don't think it ever went out on the road, was used for hauling water tanks. Spring semi- restoration...
  9. GM72K10

    CUCV Group picture but still a full garage

    Lined up all 4 running CUCVs and the K30 dump for a group shot. K30 dump is ex Military also, started life as a base fire truck. Garage still full though! Happy Memorial Day.
  10. GM72K10

    Joe's EZ Pull

    New Ringold Pa. on Pa. 895. Hawk Mountain area. Had this M886 in there yesterday. Has a section with cars and trucks back to the 1940s.
  11. GM72K10

    What kind of relay is this?

    Just bought a couple more cucvs. This one in particular from the Pa Dept Forestry. Truck does not cycle when you turn on the key, but actually started after sitting a long time. Can not find a glow plug card. They had an M1009 and a parts truck set up the same way. Thoughts? Thanks
  12. GM72K10

    Moving CUCV WITHOUT bending the driveshaft

    If only GL did it this way. For $25.00 at Manheim auction they will load your vehicle with this John Deere. So I paid the $25 to have a non-running M1008 loaded on my trailer. A no brainer in wet 28 degree weather with no helper. In and out in 45 minutes. And btw, people complain about GL fees...
  13. GM72K10


    Got my Father's M151a2s to run today after a long hard winter. Sadly he passed away in February but I'm taking his place in the local Memorial day parade with one of them. Thought I would share. One is a 71 and one a 77. One a Ford the other a AMG. Thanks to Rick Theirs on advice on getting them...
  14. GM72K10

    Preliminary CUCV Data Folder by GM Truck and Bus Group

    If this is posted somewhere else I apologize, remove it, but I don't remember seeing it. Pretty interesting. Folder is dated 1982, revised 1/83. Note in these specs that M1031 has NP208 transfer case and not NP205. There are 5 loose spec pages for each type of CUCV (A,B,C,D,E) with this that I...
  15. GM72K10

    M101a2 M116

    Finally got a trailer to go with my CUCV. AMA enterprises M101a2/M116 Belonged to the local EMS in Lansdale Pa. Even came with a title and 2 brand new tires.
  16. GM72K10

    No place on block for starter bracket

    Went to change starters on the M1028a1 today. Found it was missing the bracket. Upon further inspection it COULDN'T have had a bracket as there is no embossing in the block above the freeze plug like there should be. Have had about 20 CUCVs and have 2 engines in the garage and they've all had or...
  17. GM72K10

    Dad's new ride M37 fire truck

    My Dad's new ride, a 1953 M37 firetruck. Looks really clean and runs really quiet. Got it near Erie Pa. He's 79, a Korean War vet and says he always wanted what he drove when he was in the service. He's the one who got me started in the CUCV thing too, God bless him.
  18. GM72K10

    Junkyard Find

    Final Resting spots, Joe's EZ pull in New Ringold Pa., 2nd one is a 62ish 4wd ex armored car maybe?
  19. GM72K10

    Visit to Eastern surplus

    Visited and bought a complete CUCV bed from Eastern Surplus today. Very good experience with the salesman named Caswell. Luckily went with the M1028a1. Had to pull a deuce out of a snowbank first (bed was in back of truck and truck didn't run) . Wonder when or if my truck ever did that before...
  20. GM72K10

    MV at Joe's in New Ringold, Pa.

    Was a little surprised to find this today in Joe's EZ pull in New Ringold Pa. Was hunting parts for the M1028A2s, made out well, cold weather is a good time for junkyard pickin'; hard ground and no wasps! If this is posted elsewhere my apologies.
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