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  1. EMD567

    How to build a M37 in 17 minutes.

    I wish it was this easy, and that I had his skill.
  2. EMD567

    Ferro's new M37

    I found a M37 on, that was located in the next county over. Since I already have a nice M37, and Ferro was handy, I talked him into bidding on this one. It was a wild ride, but Ferro finally won the auction. We were supposed to go together on Friday to retrieve the M37 from it's...
  3. EMD567

    new m37 saved

    Another fine ferro and emd567 adventure i have just found an m37 and we are in the process of coming home.
  4. EMD567


  5. EMD567

    GSA Inspection at Martinsville Indiana.

    I need someone to inspect a vehicle at Martinsville Indiana. PM me for details. I might also need the vehicle moved and held for a month. Willing to pay fuel costs involved. PM me at EMD567.
  6. EMD567

    South Carolina to Kansas and return.

    I needed new tires for my M814, and BFR metals, in Salina Ks, had a few to sell. So, I roped Ferro into going with me, and we hiked out to Salina to pickup the tires, and what ever goodies we could find. Glen was a big help with the front end loader fork lift, and we had the tires loaded in...
  7. EMD567

    Memorial Day event in South Carolina

    The South Carolina Railroad Museum at Rockton SC is offering free train rides to all active and retired military on Saturday, May 26th. The train departs at 10am and 1:30pm from the depot at Rockton. All that is needed is a current military ID. Along with the free train rides, I would like to...
  8. EMD567

    What rims will fit on a 5 ton.

    I own an M814 with the stock 1100X20" rims. I want to replace the stock tires with T831 Firestones, size 12R 22.5. THe problem is that the tires fit on 9" wide rims, and the tire is 12" wide. Has anybody dueled out this combination? I know the 22.5" rims will fit the bolt hole pattern. My...
  9. EMD567

    Video from cab of M814

    Here is a 16 minute video of my M814 on a road trip, plus some action of Ferro's M818 and M172 trl. The 1st 10 minutes or so is just the M814 running down I20. The rest is acting with Ferro's M818. ENJOY :driver:
  10. EMD567

    I got the M814 home. Now what?

    Like any used vehicle, you have a punch list of "little things" that you want to take care of. The problem is, an 814 is not "little". Ferro and I found some things, while not trip stoppers, needed to be addressed before I could hit the road again in security. Things like the Emg stop...
  11. EMD567

    Round trip to New Jersey

    Making a roundtrip from South Carolina to Fort Dix New Jersey. Small pickup going northbound, Nov 4th, already pretty full. Coming south, will have M814, and loads of room. Small pickup will be in tow.
  12. EMD567

    Need a pickup at Fort Dix NJ

    I need some big time help at Fort Dix. I have an M814 that just cleared the EUC, and I can't get GL to hold the M814 an extra week when I am on vacation, and can come get it. Is there anybody that can pull my M814 off Fort Dix, and hold it for one week?
  13. EMD567

    Need Inspection at Fort Dix.

    I need some one to look over a vehicle at Fort Dix. PM me here, or contact me at for details.
  14. EMD567

    Preview at Fort Dix New Jersey

    I need somebody to check out a lot at Ft Dix. Pm me or email at for details. Thanks.
  15. EMD567

    Found: M715 in junk yard

    I found this M715 in a junkyard. It has been worked on for the local fire dept, but other then that, looks complete. I did not look at it very hard, just long enough to take some pictures. I don't even know if it is for sale yet.
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