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    Milwaukee, WI to Aqua Dulce, CA and back

    I'm leaving SE WI on Feb 12th and making a stop in Salina, KS on the 13th. Then I'll be heading through UT and making a meet on I70 and I15 where I'll then head south on I15 into CA. My return trip should start on Monday or Tuesday but I will be going through AZ and NM to avoid Denver. I will...

    1985 M923A1 Dual Fuel Line Mod and new Fuel Button Install

    I did a lot of searching and could not seem to find one source for all the information I was looking for about adding a second fuel line on my 5 ton or how to increase the fuel to my truck. Now, before everyone gets in a huff about turning up the fuel and how that's going to kill the motor and...

    Bringing back Spring Poofstock May 23rd-24th

    As the title states I spoke with Poof tonight and it looks like we will be bringing sexy, I mean Spring Poofstock, back this May. So far we are looking at either the 16th or the 23rd. I see that Findly is the 16th but that's also a few hundred miles away from us. So here is the question to...

    PoofStalk 2014

    I have spoken with Poof today and we have made it official. The 2014 PoofStalk will be October 25th. If you are coming from far, or near and just feel like it, you are welcome to come the evening of the 24th and stay. As usual space will be provided for primative camping if you want to stay...

    Hydraulic Head group buy take two?

    As some of you know a few months ago I lead a group buy of hydraulic heads(HH) for deuces. It seems that there is more interest now in doing another one. So after being asked by a few people I have decided to put it out there again. Last time the price was $285 for a HH shipped to you and $7...

    PoofStalk 2012. It's that time of year.

    I just took a quality convoy ride with Poof and ToddM today and of course we had to discuss the Fall PoofStalk. Yes it's short notice but we are trying to move things up a bit this year in hopes of better weather and therefore a better turnout. Also there is talk of some other little get...

    Valve Stem and O Ring Group Buy?

    Well I just can't help myself from looking for deals all the time and I may have hit yet another one. This time it would be for 5 ton combat rim valve stems and o rings. After checking out the o rings I am confident they will work with the A3 wheels as well and maybe the HEMTT. I know the...

    M923 Door Hinge Issue

    When I picked up the M923 from Sparta a few weeks ago I knew the driver's side door window was cracked. I was sad to find that some one had broke the passanger side after the auction. I looked closer and found the problem. The doors are not lined up correctly. It seems there is more room to...

    5 Ton cover from WI to Gilbert

    I have a member interested in a 5 ton cargo cover but we are trying to avoid the shipping cost of UPS. I know how dare I not support myself. Anyway he is heading to the Gilbert show and I didn't know if there was anyone heading that way from here that could even get it just part of the way...

    Leaving Milwaukee heading to NC

    Had a new member from NC come and get his M109A4 today and start heading back to NC. It's around a 900 mile trip home for him and his wife. They came up on their Harley and after some loading issues it's now strapped down in the back of the truck and off they went. They will be sticking to...

    My heart is broken

    In my life I have loved and lost and had my heart boken more times than I care to remember, but today beats them all. Just a few minutes ago the love of my life started up and let one last cry out for me go and then drove down the road to her new home in Ottawa, IL. I'm so glad I didn't have a...

    Hydraulic Head group buy?

    I have been working with a company in China for the last week or so about buying a Hydraulic Head for the deuce. As with anything the more you buy the cheaper it is for the item and the shipping. My initial quote was around $375 for one shipped to my door. Ebay link is only for reference of the...

    Giving Back

    Last year a woman my wife knows from church learned I have the deuce and asked me if I could bring the truck to her work for a display. She works for a retirement home and they were putting on something for the Vets there, they have a lot of them, and wanted to have a static display for them...

    Fuel pressure issue

    Starting late last year my deuce has been acting up when when I'm driving. It will run 55+ all day long but anything slower it acts like it's out of fuel. At Iola we found a crushed copper line under the front cross member and thought that may be part of my problem. I finally got around to...

    So you have a leak...

    and you just know it's coming from (insert your idea here). In the last year I have helped more people track down more leaks that I care to recall. Most of them seem to have one thing in common though, the owner "knew" where the leak was coming from but after they fixed it, it still leaked...

    A few changes and a question about repurposing

    Today has been a busy day on my deuce. I am replacing all the old 1/2" copper air lines with new plastic lines. Mainly because I have a hole in one of my air tanks again and I remember last time it took forever to get the one copper line back on because it had moved ever so slightly. I...

    Spring PoofStock 2012

    Last night we had the meeting of the minds and decided on dates for this Springs PoofStock. It will be on April 27th through the 29th. As always if you are coming from a long distance, or really enjoy Poof's company, you are welcome to show up on Friday the 27th and camp out waiting for the rest...

    WI to CA

    I am leaving for Eureka, CA Thur or Fri of this week. Does anyone have anything along the way they need moved. At the moment it looks like I will have the better part of a car trailer and the back of my pick up available. Please let me know soon.

    MN to NC

    If all goes well I should be leaving out sometime this week for tie6044's place to pick up a motor for AMG and then down to NC with it. If anyone along the way needs anything mooved please let me know soon. I may even still have some 9 and 11.00 NDCC and NDT's available and some 14's if anyone...

    WI to MD and back

    I am possibly taking a couple 395's to a member in MD and I have plenty more tires available in the classifieds as well. If anyone would like tires from me or anything else transported along the way please let me know. I am currently bringing tires and a personal water craft on a car trailer...
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