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  1. hndrsonj

    Advice on Removing Poor Spray Paint Job

    If its that bad, a good pressure washer may remove it.
  2. hndrsonj

    Mighty-mite restomod ideas

    I am curious who the parts person is? I just got two (1complete/1parts rig) that I will pick up in April/May.
  3. hndrsonj

    M37 Barn Find

    What original Ballast Resistor are you talking about? I don't remember one.....
  4. hndrsonj

    M37 Barn Find
  5. hndrsonj

    M37 Barn Find

    Jeff if you need help let me know. Maybe you should just throw another flathead in it and use the harness I gave you???
  6. hndrsonj

    GA area junkyard pic's

    Tallapoosa is closed. SECO scrapped ALOT. Sam Werner passed away. So a lot is gone.
  7. hndrsonj

    Wiring harness Buy one of these and the 427 harness and save a lot of cash for a very little bit of work. We just put one into a M37 two months ago and I just ordered one off ebay today for a gasser deuce project.
  8. hndrsonj

    Just bought a 1954 REO M35A1 original gas engine!

    NDT is right about the M45's. There were some at Jack's in Tucson and the CH-D-54 sticks in my head about something being odd.
  9. hndrsonj

    Just bought a 1954 REO M35A1 original gas engine!

    I'm confused, is it a M35 or a M35A1? The gasser was the M35, The A1 had the 427 multi. Good looking truck though. TM's are in the TM section. I just looked at the pictures again. Do you have a picture of the drivers side? I seem to remember there being something odd with that model designation...
  10. hndrsonj

    preventable rear suspension failure

    So who is selling the seals ETC to do the trunnions?
  11. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    I'm in the middle of building a new garage so I can actually accomplish something and not constantly have to be moving stuff to get to whatever I am working on. I normally take one class at the local community college, so I can use the paint booth. That is also on slight hold since COVID shut it...
  12. hndrsonj

    Finally restoring the M37

    Took the M37 to Cheyenne Cruise Nights last night. They do it every Saturday in the summer to benefit a local charity (was Toys for Tots last night). Raised over $3,200.
  13. hndrsonj

    M37 Brake Hoses

    It's been a couple of years since I did mine but I seem to remember them being different. I'd call Midwest Military, they definitely have them.
  14. hndrsonj

    M35A2 Rear Harness

    Call vintage wiring. They make a replacement harness, so logic would say they have the connectors. (y)
  15. hndrsonj

    M35A2 Rear Harness

    Check Eriks military parts, they have several connectors.
  16. hndrsonj

    Clear Coat Over GCI 383 Green

    Go into your local NAPA and ask the paint guy for 1/2 pint gloss clear and do a test piece. Pretty sure I've painted Omni MTK (single Stage) over Rapco paint. If that works, the clear should too.
  17. hndrsonj

    If its time to paint call RAPCOPARTS.COM

    Park it outside for a month, it will fade.
  18. hndrsonj

    M37 Hardware I usually buy everything from John at Midwest!
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