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  1. Valence

    UT NOS M66 Gun Ring Leg Mount Adapter Kit / Plates

    These parts are from an NOS kit to adapt an M66 Gun Ring onto the leg mounting system on M939 series trucks. (This does not include the gun ring or mounting legs). The adapter plates should still be usable on M39, M44 and M809 series trucks, but you might not need all 3 of the plates. KIT...
  2. Valence

    UT Vintage Webbing (Cotton & Nylon)

    Genuine Mil-Spec Webbing, All cotton webbing has been mildew resistant & water repellent treated. Made in the USA. Sold by the yard + Shipping Multiple yards will be in a single, uncut piece (though long yardage may still have a break in it due to how it was produced by the manufacturer)...
  3. Valence

    UT NOS Mil-Spec Buckles

    For the Do-It-Yerselfers out there, I have a number of New Old Stock (NOS) genuine mil-spec black buckles for various webbing sizes. Note: None of these buckles are intended for life safety devices. Prices are per each + shipping 5/8" (14 mm) Double Bar Buckle, $0.50 For approx. 5/8-inch...
  4. Valence

    UT Vintage NOS Unit/Division/Brigade Patches

    I have over a dozen different types of vintage surplus Army patches (multiple of each type, though some are limited quantities). They are New Old Stock (NOS), unissued. Many came from an old, closed down patch factory in New Jersey. Subdued Patches: $4 each + shipping Colored Armored Division...
  5. Valence

    UT Pioneer Tool Rack Replacement Straps (5 different colors)

    I make these myself. $32.50 per set of 3 straps + shipping These straps are designed to replace the oft missing, damaged, or sun rotted straps on military pioneer tool racks found on many military vehicles such as M35A2 (deuce and a half), any of the M39, M44, M809 and M939 series trucks, and...
  6. Valence

    UT M1956 Sleeping Bag Carry Strap Assembly, Cotton (Genuine, Vietnam era)

    $8 each + shipping (multiple available) Genuine Vietnam era vintage US Military Surplus. New Old Stock (NOS) M1956 Sleeping Bag Carrying Strap Assembly made from 1-inch wide olive drab (OD7) cotton webbing. These allow the sleeping bag to be carried on the M1956 suspenders. A strap is passed...
  7. Valence

    UT Jerry Can Replacement Straps (10 different colors available)

    I make these myself. Due to popularity I have been able to double the color selection from 5 up to 10 different colors! $18.50 each + shipping These straps are designed to replace the oft missing, damaged, or sun rotted straps on military surplus or civilian aftermarket jerry can or fuel can...
  8. Valence

    Signature Length & Number of Links

    My current signature is what it used to be before the recent site upgrade (mostly linking to my various vehicle threads): Utah Military Vehicle Club (UMVC) member Facebook: Utah Military Vehicles (separate from the UMVC) 1972 AM General M35A2, w/w + M66 Gun Ring 1966 Johnson Furnace Co. M105A2...
  9. Valence

    Fall 2019 Utah MV Meetup & Swap Meet

    Our Spring 2019 event was very successful! So to follow that, we're having our Fall 2019 Utah Military Vehicle Meetup & Swap Meet to take place at the Ogden, UT Smith & Edwards. The official Facebook event: This is a 1/2 day get-together where...
  10. Valence

    Valence's 1990 Turtle Mountain M116A2 Power Plant AN/MJQ-33

    Yes, yes I have purchased another trailer (purchased on September 5th, 2019). :whistle: This trailer was listed locally about 15 miles from my home and I just couldn't say no to it for the price and condition. It is an M116A2 chassis with a Power Plant AN/MJQ-33 body sporting two 3KW MEP-701A...
  11. Valence

    Master Cylinder Differences for M101 Surge Brakes

    I wanted to discuss a minor difference between a older style master cylinder (probably original) off my 1997 Pribbs M101A3 trailer. First, a side-by-side comparison. The new one is (obviously) the shiny silver, which is the "marine" (wet environment) finish: Part Number: 10614-M...
  12. Valence

    Valence's 1997 Pribbs M101A3

    Well, I sold my 1968 M101A1 and, in favor of the surge brakes, bought this 1997 Pribbs M101A3 from Gunzy! Obviously from the stenciling it places it as a former USMC trailer. It hardly has been used too, but not surprisingly the surge shock is bad and the master cylinder was dry and...
  13. Valence

    Picture upload problems are back

    Using the Advanced -> Manage Attachments to upload photos is back to being problematic. If I select more than one photo to upload the attachment manager spins for ~20 seconds and then nothing. No photos uploaded. I have to select and upload each photo One. At. A. Time. That's overly tedious. I...
  14. Valence

    Utah - Saturday April 13th, 2019 - MV meetup and swapmeet

    Annoucing the first of, I hope to be many for Utah, Military Vehicle meetup and swapmeet! This is a 1/2 day meetup and swap meet will start after breakfast. We buy/sell/trade our parts/gear/vehicles. Talk, check out each other’s rides, tell tall tails, have lunch and go our separate ways by...
  15. Valence

    MSA MCU-2/P Gas Mask - What Voice Amplifier/Microphone is Used?

    I have what I believe is an MSA MCU-2/P gas mask as pictured below. Its lens is yellowed from age, but it has a 2-pin connector for what I also believe is a microphone? I've done a lot of searching and found some less than helpful videos of people talking about the mask and even a voice emitter...
  16. Valence

    Deadly crash with 6x6 on SR193 in Clearfield, UT, USA - 10/15/2018

    Guys, stay safe out there with your rigs, insurance and preventative maintenance. (I highly suggest a dash camera in all your vehicles too). Today, Monday October 15, 2018 the driver of the Chrysler 300 died in a collision with an M44, M809, or M39 series 6x6 (hard to tell which exactly from...
  17. Valence

    Rules when posting a Classified Want Ad with possible items for trade

    I want to post a Want Ad for an item. Am I allowed, in the same post, to list items I have that I'd also be willing to trade (or partial trade) for said item, or do I need to create a Classifieds For Sale post first and then link to it?
  18. Valence

    Premium Membership and ads

    Does a Premium SteelSoldiers membership remove the banners and advertising on the site, or do certain ads remain regardless? I'm not referring to the Classifieds. The "Upgrade" section is short on information. It only says: "Premium Membership - Grants user access to the classifieds forum...
  19. Valence

    Leaving an add up when all items are sold

    Is it permissible to leave a classified ad up, even if all items are sold, just until the buyer receives the item(s)? That way if there are any questions/disputes with items received, the seller can point the pictures in the thread? Or is this desired to be handled differently?
  20. Valence

    Photo upload issues are back

    I used to be able to select 3, 6, or even all 20 photos all at once and upload them. Now, sometimes if select more than one photo at a time nothing gets uploaded. Similar to what occurred previously the upload manager will "spin" and then stop and nothing will be uploaded. Unfortunately it...
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