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    HMMWV X-door window replacement glass NSN

    Anyone happen to know the NSN for the replacement 3/8inch ballistic glass for the windows on the x-doors? I can't find it anywhere. All i can find is FMP-2-PCOH for a P/N from manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated! -jack
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    M816 Wrecker Brake issues

    All, the wrecker I bought a while back has never had brakes since I bought it (i have only used it once, and used the hand brake to stop it, since i was not really going anywhere, just pulled out of barn and moved a limb). The guy i got it from said it had "bad brakes". I filled the Master...
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    XM816 Wrecker will not go over 1500 RPM

    Hi all, I pulled my wrecker out of the barn last weekend and used it to set a couple of 3,600lb cattle troughs. It ran great, and would go as hard as I pushed the pedal. This past weekend I went to start it, and it has such low batteries that it wouldn't start, i had to charge them (thats a...
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    XM816 swap to Michelin 53 Super singles

    Hi all, I have a set of Michelin 16.00R20 Tires that I put on a set of 10 Lug rims (PN 89193) to do a swap from duals to Super singles on my XM816 Wrecker. (picture attached) From the research I did, the rim will bolt straight up to the axle already with no modifications. But my question is...
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    Gama Goat Master Cylinder issues

    I rebuild all of the brakes on the goat. I put in all NOS wheel cylinder, new rubber lines, etc. NOS master cylinder as well. Are you supposed to prime that in any way before pouring fluid in and bleeding down brakes? I had a **** of a time trying to get the brakes to bleed, but they would...
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    Driver Side Curtain Needed

    I am needing side curtains for 2 mutts. I see passenger ones on the fleabay, so i can get those, but am needing 2 driver side ones as well. If you have any, let me know please, I will take. -CJack
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    Is this an M37 water pump pulley?

    Found this with some other M37 parts. Looks to be M37 but the number doesn't pull up anything. Any help is always appreciated! Anyone care to take a crack at this buggar i found sitting with some M37 parts?? Not M37, I do not believe.
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    Gama Goat Brake Drum/Hub resurfacing

    Good morning all, I pulled the 6 hubs/drums off of the goat, to do a full brake restoration/rebuild. I have 2 words: HOLY. S**T. They are in pretty bad shape. I have NOS ones but I want to save those, and want to get these turned down/resurfaced and use them. I went by O'reillys but the...
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    Southwind 978 Heater value

    hi all, I am curious to if these southwind 978 heaters are worth anything? I have a few and can't decide whether it is worth selling to get money for my restorations, or just hold em. I can't find much info on them. I included a photo just in case I am incorrect on what I have found. Thanks a...
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    Vinyl or canvas covers??

    anyone know where to get covers for the Goat? The back section (trailer) needs a cover, and I also need a soft cover for the front. I have the top bows, but no covers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Changing out a tire.

    My brothers Goat has a shredded tire. He has a spare, so we are just going to swap out the rim and all...... Anything i need to know about going into this, or is it pretty straight forward???
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    2 ATV's from Nevada to Texas

    All, I am needing 2 small ATV's to be transported from Hawthorne, Nevada to San Antonio, Texas. (Or Houston, or Texarkana). Let me know if you have any leads to help me out with this. Thanks a lot! -CJack
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    Need 2 ATV's transported from Nevada to Texas.

    All, if anyone has a little open space left on trailers, I have 2 ATV's in Hawthorne, Nevada that I need transported to San Antonio, Texas. Actually, almost anywhere in Texas would be ok, I can make it happen if I can get them that close. If anyone has a litle spare space in a trailer, let me...
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    Tank Fuel Pumps Found

    I found a couple of fuel pumps for the M41 Walker Bulldog. Might also be used on the M46 - M48 Pattons. Anyone need any? I don't want to hold onto them if someone needs them. If you PM me your email I can send you a picture or 2 of them.
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    M113 Chrysler Gasoline Engine 8763101 used in any other vehicles?

    The Gasoline engine used in the early M113, PN 8763101..... was that used in any other applications?? I found one buried in the back of the shop, and wondering what all it goes to besides the early M113. Thanks!
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    Gama Goat Axle Shaft question

    Does the front axle and rear axle use the same axle shaft?? Part Number 11640418?? I know the center axle is different, but I cant figure out if there is a difference in front and rear. Thanks!
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    Jeep transport from NC to Texas. Anyone able to help?

    I am needing a M422 Mite and some spare parts to be taken from Reidsville, NC to Texas. But if you are going anywhere NEAR Texas, then I can figure out a plan. Will pay you for your time. Anyone have an extra slot on a trailer?? Thanks a lot! -Jack
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    CUCV parts dealers

    I am a little new to the CUCV thing, but can anyone tell me who the CUCV parts dealers are? I know of Jacks, Memphis and Eastern, and Hillbilly. Any others?? Thanks a lot!
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    M422A1 Engine and Fuel tank online

    I dont have access to the classifieds, and these don't belong to me, but someone is Texas is selling M422 engine and fuel tank, for any of you mites guys out there.
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