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  1. fuzzytoaster

    M939 Mushroom Cap

    Looking for a good used "Mushroom Cap" for my air intake. Thanks.
  2. fuzzytoaster

    TX M561 Gama Goat

    This goat is a prime candidate for a restoration. Starts, runs, moves. I'd put it at 95% complete. No brakes and has a forklift hole in the front from DLA but is otherwise unmolested by any agency or demil requirements. Engine runs smooth and 35 psi at idle (mechanically checked). PM if you...
  3. fuzzytoaster

    Great winch video (and question)

    From the operation on my M1089A1 when I engage the PTO the RPMs are automatically set and I'm locked out of the gears as described. I have been too quick for the computer in the past and while in gear engaged the PTO. The RPMs increased some but since the truck was in gear and the parking brake...
  4. fuzzytoaster


    What catches my eye is that M42 and Cadillac Gage V100. Those wouldn't happen to be available too..would they? :whistle:
  5. fuzzytoaster


    You are looking at a new in box mobile parts washing station designed for field use or fixed installation in vehicle or shop. The unit is complete and surgically clean, it comes with the additional filtration setup and all documentation. This is not a "NOS" unit, it's literally brand new...
  6. fuzzytoaster

    M930A2 Southside, Alabama

    I have an M930A2 that needs batteries etc so it can drive up onto a trailer. Is anyone local with A2 experience that can get her ready for loading? Thanks.
  7. fuzzytoaster

    What are the current supplies of LMTV namely M1078 and M1079 ?

    So.. insight knowledge for those reading. They charge off cubic inches then weight. Direct word from Pasha is their freight flow is heavy to the island and lean back to the mainland so they aren't concerned as much about weight on that sailing. They will still charge accordingly on dimensions so...
  8. fuzzytoaster

    What are the current supplies of LMTV namely M1078 and M1079 ?

    Unknown. Government is shut down so nothing is being released to GP to sell. Anything we see was signed over prior to shut down.
  9. fuzzytoaster

    TX LDS-465-1A Injection Pump

    make offer, last bump
  10. fuzzytoaster

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Got deep into it the past few days and swapped a C7 from this M1078A1R. The original engine was locked up tight with so few miles on it and no explanation of why after disassembly. I did the typical "pull injectors and fill with penetrating oil and time" trick, pulled ALL accessory drives from...
  11. fuzzytoaster

    How many out there have received incorrect SF97 Titles? (wrong make, wrong year etc) Did you find a remedy?

    Contact the regional office located at the bottom of the GSA auction listing you won it from. They're the ones who process it and have the authority to correct it. Offices and territories vary.
  12. fuzzytoaster

    Some old photos for seco

    How did they come into this stuff in such quantity? Scrap deals from foreign governments? DLA contracts?
  13. fuzzytoaster

    Using FOIA to get truck info

    Pretty sweet the USMC came through!!!. I'm batting 1 of 3 right now with FOIA though the Army Automotive Command (I think it was) and the DLA.
  14. fuzzytoaster

    Wreckers: Do people buy them for hobby or use?

    Coffey1, the way you posted those photos makes it look like you put someone's van in a ditch then left! rofl
  15. fuzzytoaster

    "Ran when parked" thread.

    That's an M52 tractor, and it's likely still the old Continental R6602 gasoline engine in it. No fender mounted air filter gives it away. It looks fairly clean though not really valuable as it's about as gluttonous as a HEMTT without the fun.
  16. fuzzytoaster

    How many out there have received incorrect SF97 Titles? (wrong make, wrong year etc) Did you find a remedy?

    It happens 50% of the time when I buy through GSA. I know my local office well, which happens to be the regional process office, so I shoot off an email with the full correct details and they send me a new SF-97. There is no tracking, confirmation, or acknowledgement of the just...
  17. fuzzytoaster

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Don't get me too excited now.. I could UV dye it but either way I have to get into it. I'll check the injection system as well for timing. Do you have a link on how to do that by chance?
  18. fuzzytoaster

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    One aspect no one has mentioned about wearing a seat belt is about keeping your butt in the seat to try and maintain control of your MV. If you run off the road (pre/post incident), get struck, etc etc.. you will be tossed, jostled, pushed, and thrown around in the seat before the final stop. I...
  19. fuzzytoaster

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Ditto. I let mine sit for a week without touching it if I can. Off Behr's website it says: "...allow 12-16 hours of dry time between coats. Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time. After 4 weeks, cured paint film may be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive liquid detergent. "
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