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  1. pigpen60

    M35 with M1078 bed

    Finally done installing my m1078 bed on my deuce. I'll get a better picture later
  2. pigpen60

    How do you store your shorts for later use?

    I was in the shop and under my bandsaw is a shelf overflowing with shorts/drops and I was wondering what everyone does with theirs?
  3. pigpen60

    Wood strip bed isolater

    Does anyone know where the drawings for the M35a2 wood isolators that go between the bed and the frame would be? I've looked and didnt find it in the TM's. Mine are trashed would like to make new ones and guess I could measure the frame. Would still like a drawing though.
  4. pigpen60

    LMTV picture w/odd wheels

    I saw this picture and thought maybe you fellas might find this interesting. Look at the wheels.
  5. pigpen60

    m1078 vs. m1078a1

    I noticed in a pic that the tail lights were moved from the bumper? to the bed in the m1078-m1078a1. Is that correct?
  6. pigpen60

    Radiator Questions

    Anyone using the new aluminum core plastic tanked radiators in their CUCV? Opinions on such? My radiator needs re-cored and I cant find a complete brass/copper radiator. Would re-core but I'm having trouble finding a core. Appreciate your time.
  7. pigpen60

    tool question

    Does the FMTV line of vehicles use metric or sae tools?
  8. pigpen60

    M35a2 pics with M1078 bed and cut down 800 series dropside

    Looking for M35a2 pics with the M1078 bed installed and cut down 800 series dropside bed installed.
  9. pigpen60

    M151 Mine detection vehicle.

    I took these pics at Fort Leonard Wood.
  10. pigpen60

    M105a2 otc socket number

    I'm looking for the OTC part number for the wheel bearing socket. I had the number but I lost it. And yes I searched.
  11. pigpen60

    M105A2 little nub in gate and front of tub

    Like the title says, I have a M105A2 and I just noticed the little nub on the tailgate and the front of the tub. Any ideas what they are for?
  12. pigpen60

    Ip timing question and booster pump shaft wear question

    All of this was done cause I'm still making oil in the crankcase. I dont have an FDC in circuit or the flame heater. Ok as per the norm I screwed up and pulled the IP and didnt have the red marked tooth lined up on the HH. Do I just turn the damper 360 and then turn the pump till the red...
  13. pigpen60

    IP leak testng

    I'm still making oil so I must have screwed something up. My question is with the shutoff removed from the pump will turning the power on for the lift pump show if the shutoff pivot?(NO.13 o-ring) is leaking? will it show if the HH o-rings are leaking? And last, With the booster pump removed but...
  14. pigpen60

    Price check front axle shim/perch

    Anyone know how much a pair of shims/spring perches are going for? I read you need to mill some off for radial tires and I want to be able to change back if things go wrong.
  15. pigpen60

    Rear wheel single out w/out flipping hubs

    Would it hurt to run a single wheel dish out on the rear of a deuce?
  16. pigpen60

    waste oil stove

    Anyone here build a WMO heater?
  17. pigpen60

    WMO in CUCV

    Anyone burn WMO/Mix in their CUCV? I was wondering what mix would be good in a CUCV? Would likely only be used for long trips so as to keep carbon fowling in the cup to a minimum.
  18. pigpen60

    Booster pump

    Does the booster pump do anything but supply pressure to the manifold flame heater?
  19. pigpen60

    Making oil!

    My deuce is making oil. What should I do first?
  20. pigpen60

    M35a2 in tank fuel pump

    I have suspected I have a dead in tank fuel pump since I got my deuce and when I changed the fuel filters it was confirmed. I replace it with an airtex E8131 inline fuel pump from Rock Auto for 35 shipped. I had been having a hard start/no start problem if its remotely cool, after the pump...
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