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  1. steelandcanvas

    "K" Style Thermocouple

    My Hewitt EGT gauge with the typical "K" style thermocouple, quit giving me readings last week. But before I tear into this to try and figure out what went wrong, I thought I would ask you guys about the easiest way to troubleshoot the problem. I have physically traced the wire from the probe...
  2. steelandcanvas

    MKT End Cover, Tan

    Came across this and posted in case someone was interested, seems like a fairly good price. A Field Kitchen End Cover Retail Price: $125.86 Sale Price: $37.49
  3. steelandcanvas

    Great Buy!

    I thought this was a good deal, 40% off on these great chargers. I have about 4 of them, and am very happy with their performance...
  4. steelandcanvas

    Bennett, Colorado VFW

    This Saturday, 12 September, at the Bennett Colorado VFW, the MVCC will be displaying some of their member collector vehicles. The Club will provide coffee and donuts, the VFW will provide lunch. Come hang out with us and enjoy the "Bennett Days Parade!" Staging time is 0830 to 0915.
  5. steelandcanvas

    Genset Bonding Switch?

    A few years back, there was a Member that installed a switch on a Genset, that in one position bonded the Neutral and Ground, and in the other would separate, or un-bond the Neutral and Ground. I'm sure the reasoning was to be able to safely attach the Genset to residential service, or as a...
  6. steelandcanvas

    Dual Voltage Alternator Install on a Deuce

    I read a few threads about this but didn't find any photos or text covering the actual installation. I procured a 12/24 Niehoff unit today and would like to know what I'm getting into. Somebody has to be a better "searcher" than me.
  7. steelandcanvas

    M151 Door Frames?

    Are these door frames from a M151? If not, what Jeep are they from? Sorry they're not oriented correctly, they uploaded that way.
  8. steelandcanvas

    1st Annual Wings and Warriors Fundraiser

    The MVCC is going to support this with a few vehicles. I'd like to see if I can get a few of my re-enactor buddies to show up with a Vietnam Era weapons display. Maybe Henderson can get out of Cheyenne for awhile to have a little fun. (The wind stopped blowing here for now).
  9. steelandcanvas

    Colorado MVCC Rally

    The MVCC is planning a Military Vehicle Rally this summer for the weekend of July 25-27th. This time around we're going to do a camp out. We are going to be using the Rampart Reservoir Campgrounds: Thunder Ridge Campground...
  10. steelandcanvas

    Very Versatile Set-Up

    Photo #1-Black cord-Connection to my shop building, back to back with shop electrical panel. Yellow cord-120 Volt for Battery Maintainer. Photo #2-SO cord, 6/4 AWG with connectors, cord fits distribution box and shop inlet receptacle. Photo #3-Distribution Box, for remote applications...
  11. steelandcanvas

    Pedal Stop Bumper Pad Installation

    Yesterday while digging though a tub of spare parts, I ran across a package of Pedal Stop Bumper Pads I had purchased from Erik's Military Surplus a few years ago. Not wanting good Sunday afternoon project time to go to waste, I grabbed the package, a few tools, and out to the driveway I went...
  12. steelandcanvas

    Strange Exhaust Arrangement 003A

    While working on a 003A genset w/ASK for a Bud of mine, I noticed this strange arrangement of 45's in the exhaust box. Any reason for this being done? I would think you'd want just the turned down 45's that came with the unit to keep water out of the engine. Any thoughts?
  13. steelandcanvas

    Deuce 3 Battery Setup

    My 6TL's finally gave up. I have been searching for the thread that has the 3 battery setup, but no joy. I'd like to do this and get the Delco 12 volt alternator and bracket from TM America. Anybody have the link to that thread handy?
  14. steelandcanvas

    The Vietnam Moving Wall

    For those Interested:
  15. steelandcanvas

    M35A3 Radiator

    Anyone have a good photo of an A3 radiator not mounted in the truck? I came across some radiators and I'm trying to figure out what they go into. I'll post them up for sale if they are A3's.
  16. steelandcanvas

    Tow Bar Storage

    I have read several different threads about tow bar storage on cargo trucks, but I didn't recall this being considered. With a little thought and some decent weather, I came up with this installation. As you can see in the photos, it's just a metal framing channel (Unistrut) ell bracket bolted...
  17. steelandcanvas

    Map Compartment Door Gasket

    Anyone have a substitute product for the Deuce Map Compartment Door Gasket? The NSN is 5330-00-693-0611, P/N 7373339. I know there are alot of adhesive-backed sealing products out there, I just wanted to know if anyone had replaced the gasket with something that worked real well.
  18. steelandcanvas


    Since we cannot discuss politics on this site (good idea) why are we accepting ads for politicians? I just caught this in the ad window. Paid for by Friends of Sherrod Brown Not trying to get on anyone's bad side, just curious.
  19. steelandcanvas

    Adding Brake Fluid to a M105A2

    I was looking over my 105A2 today and doing some PM work trying to get her ready for the big Air Show in 2 weeks. I greased the leaf springs, dolly wheel, and brake handles. I took a look at the air reservoir tightened all the fittings, and noticed the crumby petcock for the drain. I replaced...
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