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  1. StarElectricOrdnance

    M151 vs M151A1

    The M-151A1 had the following major changes: 1. The spindle support hubs were fastened with six bolts instead of four. 2. The open C channels of the rear suspension arms were strengthened with a harder type of steel as well as an additional C channel that was welded inside the open C...
  2. StarElectricOrdnance

    MUTT Body Needed

    I am looking for an M-151A1 body to replace my MUTT body damaged on the MVPA TMC'19 Convoy. Cam make body repairs not not so extensive that I am creating a new vehicle. Can have motor, suspension, steering and seats or not. Can reply by email if you want. Thanks...
  3. StarElectricOrdnance

    Early AMG data plates and contract #'s

    I just read through this thread so this reply is kinda late, but contract # DAAE07-71-C-0103 was let on 16 Feb 1971 to AM General for the production of M-151A2. 34,984 vehicles were produced under this contract. Kevin.
  4. StarElectricOrdnance

    m54 taco cable drive

    They are the same between the M-35 Multrifuel and the 5 ton Multifuel. The engine blocks are the same. I have new tach cables for $35.00 each. kevin.
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