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  1. Artisan

    18,000 WINCH MOUNT

    So the TILT trailer I am fixin' up for my M916 is getting a winch. I bought two of those 18,000 lb WARN Seris 18 winches a few years ago and now I have a use for one. I need to fab up a proper mount. I obtained a piece of 2" x 10" channel that is about 2.5" tall and is 37.625" long. I boxed...
  2. Artisan


    So simple it might be, but there could also be some tricks or trick parts I do not know about... I am putting all new tires on my trailer. They are duals, 17.5 10 lug rims. What bullet proof valve stems would you buy? And what valve stem to put on my spare! Extended or stubby? ha!
  3. Artisan


    So if you care to lend advise (or watch me make mistakes) my Notes / SS Blog is here; ARTISAN's M916 I have a NIB Military BC3 that I am putting in my M916 and pulling the bad BC1. As I understand it, I have to...
  4. Artisan

    pgullige Sylvester, Georgia 31791

    Does anyone know an ebayer named "pgullige" from Sylvester, Georgia 31791? If so please PM me regarding something you have for sale.
  5. Artisan

    BIG CAM 1 to BIG CAM 4 SWAP / M916

    Gentlemen, If anyone has any constructive, factual input/insight, we would sure be appreciative. We have a BC1 in an M916 that has a spun rod bearing. We need to refresh. Money is an issue. I ran into a Big Cam 4 engine that looks very promising. I am told a BC3 is an easy swap, what about a...
  6. Artisan

    Cummins Big Cam 1 Oil System

    Guys can anyone tell me or link me to where I can study the oil system for a Cummins Big Cam 1? Specifically I want to know the exact path that oil flows throughout the entire system. I bet ya there is an illustration someplace, I can't seem to locate it.
  7. Artisan

    Hayes Axle ?

    Gents I have a Zeiman 20' Tilt Deck trailer that has 2- 10 Lug axles. I assume the axles are made by Hayes (possibly a defunct company) . Here is a picture of the ID label on the rearmost axle. I assume each axle is rated at 23K EACH. My question is am I hosed or can I get parts for these...
  8. Artisan

    5 Ton Dimensions

    My 5 Ton is in Idaho, I am in L A. The book says an M925A1 has a wheelbase of 179" . I am correct that dim is from center of front axle to center of Rearmost axle yes? So if tires are 49" in diameter the dimension from the front of the front tire to the rear of the rear tire would be 19'...
  9. Artisan

    Vehicle Intercom Systems

    Are there any SS members whom really know what they are talking about RE Intercoms? I landed on a apir of David Clark H3430 headsets AND a pair of David Clark U3410 Belt stations. Yes, I know this stuff is designed for ground use, BUT you know what I own. I want a 2 person intercom brain...
  10. Artisan

    Amphenol Drawings, How to get...

    I found a way to look up and see Amphenol connector drawings. So often I see a spec for a plug, like " MS3106R-20-4SX " but I will not immediately know what it looks like or its dimensions. Here is how to find this info; 1- Go to 2- At the top right of the home...
  11. Artisan


    The truck I speak of is an M916 but I am assuming this question is generic. In TM 9-2320-273-20 it states that all the relays "are identical". When I read the description for each relay I see #1 thru #6 relays are "Normally Open Circuits", but then #7 and #8 relays are "Normally Closed...
  12. Artisan

    Most Common Rods

    Guys I have a little Miller stick welder, like new, that I paid $100 for a decade or so ago from a shop that was growing and did not need this learner unit anymore in Brea, CA. I am quite sure that this pictured unit is what I have, it is 23 miles away at his moment so I can not give 100% ID...
  13. Artisan

    So Calif Military Vehicle Collectors Club TOMORROW

    SCMVCC Hey guys, TOMORROW, Sunday, is the monthly meeting / swap meet of the So. Calif Military Vehicles Collectors Club. Come On Down and check it out! If you have stuff to sell BRING IT ( You are required to be a member to sell, it is only $25 bucks, you can buy a membership on the...
  14. Artisan


    I am considering getting a trailer in Herlong. If anyone is considering getting stuff and needs it delivered to So Cal PM me. SOON Maybe we can parlay a good savings.
  15. Artisan

    Disabling the 5-Ton Front Axle Auto-Locking-In-Low-Range Device.

    EDIT: SS member tinydragon2001 has a good way to accomplish the below w/ less work. Tiny says further on in this thread; "I didn't mess with the washer. I simply removed the arm on that air valve by loosening the Allen head screw that holds it on, and the little arm pops right off. Then I can...
  16. Artisan

    How to measure BIG Voltage

    Can anyone show me a device that will measure 10-20000Volts? I mean how does the elec company quantify if there is "14,000" Volts in THAT line. Do they have a like a lil monster Multimeter? Forget calculations, how is it measured in the field?
  17. Artisan

    So. California MV Club Meeting TOMORROW

  18. Artisan

    SO California Military Vehicles Colletors Club TOMORROW

    July 12 — SCMVCC Meeting —swap meet—general meeting 11:00AM— SWAP MEET and SHOW FROM 7am to 1 pm See ya at; AMVETS 14910 Los Angeles St. Irwindale, CA See ya in the mornin' ! UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and I must say, they are doing a GREAT job...
  19. Artisan

    Mini Electricity Meter

    I have a need to monitor how much power I use in MV camper. 120V, basically just a camper trailer w/ A/C, lights, refer, radio etc. Is there an El Cheapo way to do this?
  20. Artisan

    lighting Fixture Ballast

    I picked up a 10' EMI container yesterday fro GL Barstow. The Fluorescent lights have been raped. The ballasts and bulbs are gone. The lamps are easy because there is a stamp that says; RELAMP W/ F40T12CW A quick search and I see these lamps are easy to get. The ballasts have no such label...
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