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  1. quantumspores

    Ignition wire for aftermarket electronics

    Those are very useful, but i'm actually looking to identify which wires are "hot" to connect into. Thanks, JRS
  2. quantumspores

    Designing Audio System for 24V

    anyone know which wire I can splice off of to get the ignition (when running) voltage? I was hoping to find something just behind the dogHouse, but all few of those wires seem to be constant.
  3. quantumspores

    Ignition wire for aftermarket electronics

    Hi Folks, I’m finalizing a installation of a stereo system in the M998. I have my constant and grounds run, but I’m looking for a place to splice that put out power when the system is on (a running hot). I’m trying to avoid splicing directly into the ignition switch, anyone know of another...
  4. quantumspores

    Aftermarket antenna for Multi Band SF3512 Mount

    Hey folks, I’ve got A multi Band SF3512 Antenna Mount for my m998. Anyone know of an aftermarket 30-512mhz antenna that will mate to it?
  5. quantumspores

    Designing Audio System for 24V

    Sure, DC to DC converter or step-down transformer find the same thing on amazon 😀. The amplifier is turned off and on via the “remote” wire from the stereo. You have to wire it direct to the battery (or to a capacitor attached directly to the battery). I need to have one power source that is...
  6. quantumspores

    Designing Audio System for 24V

    Hi Folks, I'm starting to build an audio system for the Vee (M998 ). This is the first time i've built an audio system for a 24V vehicle. Does the attached diagram make sense? Basically I was going to pull power off the ignition to a 24-12V transformer into the stereo and do a direct wire for...
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