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    I Can't Edit my Signature

    I've tried several times to edit my signature, but it just tells me I have 19 too many lines of information, and won't let me delete, or add any other information. I'm not a computer wiz, so I'm relying on one of you guys to guide me in my lack of understanding - Thanks, AZ
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    6.2 Vacuum Pump

    Gentlemen: About 7-8 years aggo i installed a 6.2 Humvee engine in my M1009 Blazer, I had to swap everything except the heads and block, including the vacuum pump, it was easy to do outside of the vehicle. This morning when I pulled my non-working pump out a long 6 sided steel shaft came out...
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    CUCV Transmission Questions

    Friday driving my M1009 home from work I saw a bunch of smoke in my rearview mirror doing about 75 MPH down the was from me! I pulled into the right lane so I could pull over but once I slowed down to about 65MPH the smoke stopped, I had about 4-5 miles to go to my turn off, so I...
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    Deuce Door Latch Spring

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen: My driver's side door latch failed, I read the SS article regarding repairing a broken door latch, and decided to take mine apart and beat it back into submission. But alas worn parts was not my issue, a broken spring know that "curly Q" one...
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    Flex Plate Questions

    Gentlemen About 2 years ago my M1009 had the flex plate come apart, it tore off at the center leaving the center still bolted to the crank, but the rest of the flex plate (FP) was completely disengaged from the center. Fortunately it still ran and started, but I knew this was NOT a good...
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    Deuce Starter Question

    Gentlemen: I have manuals but they are still packed away from when I moved, so I got a question(s). For the last year or so occasionally my Deuce wouldn't start, it would just "click." I'd manipulate the starter button and it would start, so I always figured it was the start button. But...
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    350 to 6.2 Conversion

    I have a possible donor M1009 with a good motor and transmission/transfer. I see a lot of 350 Suburbans with bad engines cheap. I'd like a 4-door "Blazer" with A/C and a stereo. So what would be involved to install a 6.2 with a 12V starter into a former gas engined truck? Has anyone done this...
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    Towing M1009 CUCV Question

    My M1009 started making a terrible racket on the way to work this morning, that would go away when I accelerated but as soon as I was cruising or coasting, the racket started back up. I'm ASSuming for now I have a flexplate issue. So my CUCV is parked at work and I got another ride home. I...
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    Drivers Door Handle Problem

    The drivers door handle no longer functions properly I think the spring that operates the striker must have broken. The door still latches and locks from the inside manually, but not automatically.......I think decades ago I had this happen on either a M37 or a M35 gasser I don't remember...
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    Bumper Light Modification

    Gentlemen: I would like to use the black out lights in the rear bumper as auxilary turn signals. I took one apart today, and there isn't much room within the case for using a normal light bulb, I've seen some of you use strips of LED lights to light up the dash panel on the M35A2 deuce. Would...
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    Brake Light Issue

    Gentlemen My CUCV has been down for ten months due to electrical issues and my inability to figure them out. Finally yestrday I got it all sorted out (or so I thought) and and had it running. I drove it around without any apparent issues. This morning I drove it to church on the way home I...
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    Exciter Wire/Headlights and Other Mysterious Stuff

    I am at my wit's end! My Blazer has been DOWN due to electrical problems since November 2010! I have had several posts on this beast over the last 8 months, but haven't asked any questions in 2-3 months. But I'm asking now. Heres the deal: Took the M1009 to my buddy, Javier, who is one of our...
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    Anyone Parting Out a CUCV?

    I've been fighting electrcal gremlins for 3 months on my M1009. Today I think I found the culprit. there is a big plug that screws into the rear of the fuse box underneath the master cylinder, I removed it today, to find it had melted. The heat was so intense two of the brass contacts were...
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    Exciter Wire Question

    Gentlemen: My M1009 has been down for over 3 months now due to electrical problems. It's kicking my butt, which isn't too hard as I'm an electric system moron. I've ran off all kinds of information and links off this site, as well as the electric portion of the manual, of course I forgot the...
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    Multifuel Coolant System Questions

    I looked up the Organization Maintence Manual in the Resources section, but it did not address my question. I replaced what I thought was all the hoses on the cooling system a few months ago, those down the left side of the engine, and those around the water pump and radiator, then I noticed...
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    More Alternator/Electrical Questions

    A couple weeks ago my Gen 1 light came on while driving, a little research in the CUCV forums showed me this was not a good thing. After reading and hard copying many different posts, I decided to order two heavy duty 27 SI rebuild kits. I disconneted the battery, removed and rebuilt Gen 1...
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    CUCV Alternator Rebuild Question

    I screwed up. I forgot to draw a diagram of the inside of the ALT before I disassembled her. I figured I had run off a copy of the Delco-Remey manual I found on this site and was good to go as it had pictures. But when I went to reassemble it I ran into a dilema, the picture doesn't match my...
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    MORE CUCV Alternator Questions

    Now before you beat me up for adding yet another alternator thread, be advised I spent over 7 hours searching the arcivies, and I learned a LOT!! I have always feared electric systems as I don't know an amp from a ohm, or a volt. However since I was able to download the alternator rebuild...
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    CUCV Saga Continues, Need HELP!

    I've had my M1009 for about 7 years now and for the most part she has been a very reliable vehicle, but in the last several months she has been quite demanding of my attention! First the flex plate sheared off the center hub, then she wouldn't start due to a fuel leak/air in the line, then the...
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    M35A2 LOTS of Brake questions - HELP!

    My daily driver is a M1009, it blew the flexplate so that will be this weekends project....DOH! So i needed to drive my Deuce today (M35A2), when I went to stop at a 4-way stop, the pedal was HARD, and would not move, I downshifted and made a right hand turn and coasted right through the stop...
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