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  1. montaillou

    WA M35A2 misc flame heater parts

    Flame heater parts off M35A2. I don't know if these parts were working or not when they were removed. I don't even know if they're worth giving away, but hey, that's the thing with giving something away... So, I'll box them up and drop at a shipping facility, UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. I won't...
  2. montaillou

    WA M35A2 air intake

    So, I have an M35A2 air intake, with used filter, if you want that as well. It was working just fine when it was removed. Also included is the used, but in reasonable shape intake to turbo connector. I am willing to box it up and drop it at a shipping office of your choice, UPS, USPS, FedEx...
  3. montaillou

    WA 395/85R20 w/MRAP wheels [price drop]

    4 x 395/85R20 Michelin XL mounted on MRAP wheels, 2 split rim, 2 two piece rim. Also have 2 additional wheels with no tires, 1 split rim, 1 two piece. These are all 10 hole wheels. $35 each, for the wheels w/out tires. $200 each for the wheels with tires. Buy 1, buy all. Delivery a...
  4. montaillou

    Custom wheels

    So, this is kind of experimental at this point. I currently have adapter plates on MRAP wheels (super singles). Which work fine, but no tire place will touch them. I've been thinking of getting a wheel specifically fit for the deuce. Now, I know there is a shop in the US (somewhere in the...
  5. montaillou

    Stuttering/starving at acceleration - ideas

    Some background: The truck is at a mechanic getting some misc. work done. Right now I have more money than time, and some things are beyond my ability. One of the things done was to swap a new hydraulic head as the old one had a leak (I sent him a link to how it was done here - also he...
  6. montaillou

    Steel vs Aluminum tubing (Camper frame)

    So, I'm about a third the way through my 30 point "checklist of fun" and I'm thinking about item 20, the camper. Is there anyone here that knows more than the average person about structural tubing, aluminum vs steel vs ?? that I can pick their brain with a few questions? I'm also wondering if...
  7. montaillou

    A different security thread - shutters

    So, I'm about to put some stuff in my cab that might be attractive to thieves. Obligatory: I know nothing can be fully secure, I just want to prevent opportunity thieves, drunks, amateurs and/or slow someone down as I also intend on sleeping in the back while traveling. Anyone seriously...
  8. montaillou

    Air locker opinions

    I'm debating about putting on air lockers or not. One mechanic friend is like, it's a 6x6, you'll never need them, but another mechanic (and also my opinion) is that if I ever do need one, it'd suck to be without. I don't plan on doing any rock crawling, but beach/desert sand, unimproved...
  9. montaillou

    What is it?

    Seems like there should be a sticky thread labeled this. Hard to do a search for something you don't know the name of. M35A3 air intake assembly Anyways, in the attached diagram, off to the side of the main vertical cylinder there is a little...shunt? and an opening that looks like it needs...
  10. montaillou

    HVAC - no idle

    So, I'm looking at "no-idle" hvac units and they cost a fortune, easily double the cost of non-idle - thousands of $! The reason I want no idle is I want to eventually turn this into a camper and idling these trucks is insane. If I could figure out a way to delete this post I would. I'm...
  11. montaillou

    High-Low shifter boot

    High-Low PTO shifter boot Anyone got a good solution for a transfer case boot? I'm afraid my ignorance is great in this area. I've found a number on the web but the ones I've looked at don't list dimensions. Is the size universal and does this apply to the deuce? Has anyone found one they...
  12. montaillou

    Aftermarket gauges

    Can anyone recommend a line of gauges that closely match our dash gauges? I'm replacing them because I want them to be lighted and some of the solutions I've read about don't appeal to me. Also, I'm about doubling the number of gauges and thought it would just be easier with all new. While I...
  13. montaillou

    Sound Insulation

    This is gonna be an ongoing thread as I want to include both the hood and the cab. My general plan is a thin underlay followed by something thicker. For the hood, I also plan on doing the firewall, at least with the thinner layer. Then a thicker hood liner I did a bit of searching on the web...
  14. montaillou

    Sound insulating the hood - added weight

    So, I'm putting 2 layers of sound insulation under the hood and after the first layer it's really added a bit of weight to the hood. I'll have to install a handle as it's now a bit harder to lift. I'm also concerned about the hinges. Those that have added a hood liner and/or sound insulation...
  15. montaillou

    Mud flap

    Looking at the mud flap and regulations around the country, I realize it's too short. Now, I don't expect I'd get pulled over...unless a cop was behind me and a rock flew into their windshield. So, the mud guards behind my wheels are 21" wide, which appears to be a non-standard size in the...
  16. montaillou

    A real trooper

    So, aside from problems with the injector, my deuce has really done well by me. I've put a few thousand miles on it and driven it over the Cascade Mts. 5 times now. I'm making a few changes with the idea of going on some serious, potentially months (years?) long trips. Is there...
  17. montaillou

    Battery cable length

    If this has been posted before, well, I searched and couldn't find it, so I'm posting it now in case anyone does a search under the title key words. When I searched I did find threads but with no specific numbers, just advice on how much would probably be good enough. The ground/negative wire...
  18. montaillou

    What am I looking at here?

    Pardon my ignorance in this post. I was crawling under my truck today and noticed this hole that looks like a plug should be screwed into it maybe?
  19. montaillou

    External power plug

    I'm doing some work on the battery box and figured now's a good time to change the battery cables. I'm upgrading them to a thicker cable, y'know, because I can. On the passenger side, corner of the cab is an external power plug. I'm wondering if I should cut this out of the system. I've...
  20. montaillou

    Highway handling

    I've put over 2k highway miles on my deuce and it's a struggle to keep it in the lane if the road is rough. Fortunately, I live in a state (WA) with generally good roads. There have been a few instances where I've had to drop my speed to keep it from careening out of my lane and potentially...
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