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  1. patracy

    6 to 10 hole adapter

    The bolt pattern doesn't make the tire selection. The wheel size does. With only having a tire height of 39/40", that means you're pretty much stuck with only 9.00-20's like the deuces' used stock. Anything wider will likewise be taller. You're honestly probably better off talking to someone...
  2. patracy

    6 to 10 hole adapter

    Ok, so HMMWV wheels aren't what you're after. Do you have the rims on hand already or looking for an entire package? Like I said, there's several different models and different paths to take. So kinda trying to figure out what you have and the best way to go.
  3. patracy

    6 to 10 hole adapter

    There's a lot of things to cover here. First I assume you're talking about using 10 lug wheels on a deuce? Are you wanting a HMMWV wheel? Because those are only 16.5" diameter rims. Now if you're talking about a 5 ton wheel, there's half a dozen wheels all having slightly different designs...
  4. patracy

    LOG IN PROBLEMS? BitDefender

    Well after repeating myself and the info several times. Basically they've written me off. Best advice I can give is anyone using the application to disable it. If you feel inclined, reach out to them and reference the case. But when I present all the relevant info needed to correct a matter...
  5. patracy

    MV of the Month September 2021

    Sorry bit of a miscommunication, but here's the poll.
  6. patracy

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - September VOTE HERE!

    Welcome to the MV of the month poll sponsored by Consolidated Press. If you need decals, magnets, stencils, or anything printing related, please give them a call! Now, onto the vote! Please vote for MV of the month! Feel free to campaign in this thread, but please keep it here and not via...
  7. patracy

    Soldiers and Marines paying to pimp their HMMWVs

    This isn't limited to the armed forces unfortunately. Fire Fighters, PDs, Teachers, many other who serve their fellow man do so out of their own pockets at times.
  8. patracy

    Someone @ GP bumped their head!

    Come on folks. Those are crates of sailboat fuel.
  9. patracy

    CO Insuring HMMWV NEWER than 20 years

    The reason for the insurance section is because there's about 50 answers to any insurance question since states are different. What might hold true for your HMMWV, might not be true for someone else's HMMWV in another state. That's why the section has state tags too for the thread.
  10. patracy

    LOG IN PROBLEMS? BitDefender

    I've had several users now report the site didn't recognize their account. Turns out it's all be related to bitdefener. Right now the work around has been people adding the site to a exception in the application or disabling it completely. I've likewise opened a support case with them, but...
  11. patracy

    Why the ads?

    It shouldn't. Also at least outside the google ads, Gov Planet isn't an advertiser here.
  12. patracy

    Sinking an M561 Gama Goat at Camp Pendleton, CA

  13. patracy

    Unable to log in

    If you're ok with it, I can manually reset the password and try logging in as you. I will message you first though.
  14. patracy

    Unable to log in

    So when you try to log in are you using a space between Ajax MD? Your account certainly exists (and also proven by your ability to log in from a phone).
  15. patracy

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - August VOTE HERE!

    Deja vu! Congrats @Tracer !
  16. patracy

    M1123 coil spacer

    I agree with you on that. But I guess you haven't seen all the opposing side that demanded all the mod forums. Membership numbers? No, that's not even a factor. Page views, traffic, other stats are things we provide advertisers to see if they feel the advertising is beneficial to them. Having...
  17. patracy

    M1123 coil spacer

    Let's all take a step back and cool off a bit. Yes, this is a "mod". But it's also almost universally done in coil spring setups. I personally am indifferent on where this thread is landed to. If @escuderj wants it moved there, I'll certainly move it.
  18. patracy

    Admin Help

    When it comes to reaching out to the admins or moderators, simply click on their name then use the "start conversation" link that pops up. You'll be able to send us a message that way. Another way to contact me directly would be the contact us link at the bottom of any page. That emails me...
  19. patracy

    Turbocharging a HMMWV with BMI's kit

    I have driven it several times. The power is a welcome upgrade after losing so much with the slantback/turret/bumpers. I haven't towed with it. Honestly the only trailers I have that would be suitable for the HMMWV are the DRASH trailer and my M1102. But that 1102 has a 2" ball on it and I...
  20. patracy

    MV of the month August 2021

    Poll is up!
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