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  1. scooter01922

    MA 1960 studebaker M35A1

    Up for your consideration is one relatively unmolested example of an M35A1. LDS427 in running shape but with headgasket leak. No oil in water or water in oil but does lose some compression and oil from between the heads. Brakes are inoperative, front wheel cylinder blew when i first got the...
  2. scooter01922

    M35A1 to sell or not to sell ??

    There :smile: I will see what i can do about exhaust measurements (and perhaps a better pic) Need to move the truck for that as where its parked is not really conducive to crawling under it this time of year, too muddy. While i have not been actively seeking a buyer its on the to do list now...
  3. scooter01922

    M35A1 to sell or not to sell ??

    I'm here....sorta. Will respond to PM's and email but just don't have the time to hang out on here like i used to. The GF is now the WIFE..... and the "plow deuce" didn't plow last year. Fix headgasket VS just hang the plow on the M35A2C = the plow went on the other truck. I think we tallied...
  4. scooter01922

    Rear Mounted Intake??? Why?

    Hmm, he has some interesting taste in mods. Looking at those pics i can't see much of a fuel tank hiding under that bed. No toolbox and battery box is just plain odd and will make getting in any out unnessicarily difficult. Not to mention where the heck do you keep your supplies to keep this old...
  5. scooter01922

    Battery Tray Restoration

    Nice work, need to be doing the same myself shortly. Darned New England rusting issues.
  6. scooter01922

    Early LDT turbo

    Looks EXACTLY like the one on my LDS427, strangely enough i have the same turbo on my LDT465. Good turbos IMO, moves plenty of air, enough turbo sound to let you know its there but not make you deaf like a C will.
  7. scooter01922

    Is this a M36?

    Well M16ty i guess that pic of "rangerdaves" truck above settles the overloading dispute, thats a LOT of logs on there. I knew he had a deuce log truck up here but never knew it was a m36 originally. Then again i don't think i have ever maxed out my truck with all the crap i can pile in the bed...
  8. scooter01922

    Is this a M36?

    Wow blendmaster thats one heck of a portable tent you go there. A regular m35 is pretty roomy for impromptu camping expeditions but the m36 ****.
  9. scooter01922

    m35a2 (ldt465) injector pump install questions

    Its really not that bad. Been there and done that twice while lying in melting snow with water and oil dripping on me. Just read the instructions carefully and line everything up, triple check to make sure it all stays lined up too. There are some odd angles and some things that will make you...
  10. scooter01922

    Copper fuel return line

    Ditto on the DOT air brake line, was the only thing i could find around here that holds up to the odd variety of stuff i may dump in the tank. Currently only running the pieces from secondary to IP and return to filters but i see no reason why it wouldn't work for the whole run. Not particularly...
  11. scooter01922

    Deuce Oil Leak Question

    Mine generally likes to leak more oil when its particularly hot. It certainly was a scorcher friday with sat and sun being toasty too. The thermometer on my car read 102 on the way home at 3pm. Haven't really seen much more than a few drips from that drain though, rear main would be the likely...
  12. scooter01922

    Deuce breather tube fittings

    Eh, you aren't really missing much. As long as the vent line ends up there somewhere you should be just fine.
  13. scooter01922

    Deuce breather tube fittings

    One is for the master cylinder vent line, its recommended by a lot of folks to do away with that. So no worries on that one, the other, hmm, i can't recall off the top of my head but i'm sure someone knows.
  14. scooter01922

    My first truck

    That would not be correct, only a select few of the A2C's have the dual circuit brakes. Most of them being late series ex- AF trucks.
  15. scooter01922

    My first truck

    Thats a pretty good deal these days. I wouldn't worry too much about the flapper. There is a LOT of room in that pipe before water gets near anything of value. However as steelandcanvas said if it IS stuck you best keep everyone well clear of the passenger side. Darned thing is like a soot-water...
  16. scooter01922

    My first truck

    Congrats on the new truck. I think you can assume the runs with a jump is true, that or the flapper on the stack is stuck cause its up in one of those pics!!! Don't assume its safe to drive though, be thorough and check it over really well before taking it out on the open road. Good luck and...
  17. scooter01922

    Deuce driving tips

    Watch where you are standing and whats on your boots if you are just cranking it up for a little pre drive warm up. Had left foot on the step and right foot in the cab to give it a little gas. Went to turn and dismount and... Muddy boots + steel steps do not = traction. Doing the splits...
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