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  1. txmytx_catahoula

    M416 tm9-2330-251-14 Oct. 1970

  2. txmytx_catahoula

    M561 tm

    Tm9-2320-242-10-1 M561 - Operation manual
  3. txmytx_catahoula

    M887 manuals

    TM9-4940-421-24P M887 - Contact Maintenance truck TM9-4940-421-14 M887 operators manual - Contact Maintenance truck
  4. txmytx_catahoula

    Trailer connector

  5. txmytx_catahoula

    Uploading TM's .

    With MegaUpload out of the picture how does one upload a big file such as a TM? Do we email to a particular Mod, Admin or to patracy? What is the largest file we can upload at one time?
  6. txmytx_catahoula

    No turn signals or hazards.

    Well the search function worked for me!! I when out today and hooked up to a trailer I've been using on a regular basis this last four weeks and no turn signals as I did my walk around, no hazards either. Every other light and the horn did work. Had to go on without turns but when I got back I...
  7. txmytx_catahoula

    Wait light & Water in fuel light not on at startup, then flickering while driving.

    Wait light & Water in fuel light not on at startup, then flickering while driving. Last Monday on my M1009, the "wait" & "water in fuel " lights stopped coming on at startup. As I drove down the road, both light would flicker as I hit the smallest of bumps. At the same time, Blaze started to...
  8. txmytx_catahoula

    Burst heater hose.

    Not that it's really needed, but here is another PRIME example of the CUCV creedo. If it's electric CLEAN it, If it's rubber REPLACE it. On the way to work today I drove past all the usual chemical plants, heard all the usual plant noises, smelled all the usual plant smells. As I reached the...
  9. txmytx_catahoula

    FlowMonster stainless steel Mufflers

    I've got about 4 months and 3k miles on a set of FlowMonster Stainless steel mufflers and I think they're working out pretty good on my m1009. I went with the Performance stainless steel (FM1235s) offset x offset, 2.25" in & out, 14" body and 20" overall, so a little shorter than original...
  10. txmytx_catahoula

    Gen2 light flickering

    Does anyone else's Gen2 light flicker on after start-up, right after the glow plugs recycle? This started a couple of months ago. Gen2 light comes on with the key, off at start-up. Voltmeter drops as glow plugs start recycle and rises as they end recycle. That is when the Gen2 light comes on...
  11. txmytx_catahoula

    6tl battery dead

    Boy, when these military batteries die...........they DIE!!! The second and last of my M1009's original 6tl's died yesterday, I guess it should have been expected as it had a Jan 06 date stenciled on it. This battery, as did the first one, died without warning. One start they were fine the...
  12. txmytx_catahoula

    Starter went I thought.

    The story starts like this. I was finally released from jury duty last Wednesday, made one stop along the way home, then got ready to return to work. Got in my M1009 and went to crank it but all got was a "wwwrrrrrrrrrr"(great fun typing out a sound). It wasn't quite a free starter sound but...
  13. txmytx_catahoula

    Motor let loose this AM!

    Not sure what happened this morning, haven't started to tear into it yet, but the 6.2 let loose on the drive to work this AM. Don't remember it giving any hint before it happened and really, I'm just guessing, but total loss of power. Sounded like I blew two tires, pulled over as the motor...
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