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    Desiccant/Hygroscopic Breather Vent for Fuel Storage

    I've just changed out the fuel in my 50 gallon storage tank and began thinking of installing a desiccant breather. The ones I found were expensive and throw-away units. I wanted something I could recharge with desiccant pellets bought online. This is what I came up with: 1) I started with a...
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    M116A3 with 2000 GMC 1 Ton Van Wheels

    I need a spare HMMWV tire for a camper project and decided to change out the wheels on another trailer. Most posts on SS recommend a GM wheel from 1988 - 2009 off of a 4WD truck. No 4WDs available at this moment here but I did find wheels off of a 2000 GMC 1 ton van. Tires are LT245/75R16...
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    Corrosion Control Cart

    I bought this corrosion control cart ( and am having difficulty finding any TMs, Operating...
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    MEP-802A/803A S1 Master Switch Source - Electroswitch

    My MEP-802A had a blue S1 that would hang in the start position so I started looking for a replacement. I found another blue one on the auction site for $90 and passed. I sent an email to Electroswitch: I wanted the NSN 5930-01-531-2976, Model 75902LV version. The folks at Electroswitch...
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    MEP80x Load Meter with Electric Oven Load Bank

    I've got an MEP-803A and an MEP-802A that will run for hours at 100% on the Per Cent Rated Current meter supplying power to my electric stove 'Load Bank'. When I bump them up to say 107% they will trip out on Over Load in around 15 minutes. I've been researching the forum and have found...
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    MEP803A Thermostat

    My MEP803A (2012 Letterkenny Reset with 53 hrs) overheated and shut down during a 105% PF run a few weeks ago so I changed out the thermostat. I bought a new Onan Thermostat on the auction site with the correct NSN # (6685-01-360-9653) and part # (186-6193). It is rated at 74C (165F). All...
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