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  1. flyfishtrailer

    Help Identifying these brackets

    Hi Experts.....I have been wondering for a while what these brackets might be for and finally took pictures to get your expertise. I think they may be for a PTO set up, but I don't want to guess. There is one on each side, mounted to the frame. The history on my M1028 is that it was with the...
  2. flyfishtrailer

    Heading to Plymouth in the Am Buy/Sell/Trade

    I am heading to Plymouth tomorrow to spend the weekend. I am going to set up the MKT and have a great time looking at all the other folks rides. Since nobody started a buy/sell/trade thread I thought I would start opne since I spent the day packing. I live close so I can return home if I forget...
  3. flyfishtrailer

    Brake Light switch Help

    Hi I was trying to install a brake controller on my M1028. I opened the dash bottom to get to the brake switch to splice the brake controller to it. I had batteries disconnected already. I exposed the brake light switch and removed the connector and put power back to identify the cold...
  4. flyfishtrailer

    M1028 Dually fender lights......anyone know where to buy new ones?

    Hello all......Just bought a nice M1028 and am trying to restore it back to stock shape. I have been able to find most parts needed whether from folks on SS or through retailers dealing with restoration Chevy parts. The one thing I have scoured the internet for and have not had any luck (the...
  5. flyfishtrailer

    Reupholstering a bench seat in Mt M1028

    Hello Experts..... I am about to pick up my first MV with an engine (I have a few trailers). It is a 1984 M1028. I have been reading a ton of stuff in here already and look forward to bringing it back to its original condition (maybe a few minor tweaks). It is still in the 24v configuration and...
  6. flyfishtrailer

    Request for the experts

    I have a cargo cover for a 5 ton and wonder what it weighs. Just the vinyl cover (no bows). Feels like 60-80 lbs, but I don't have a scale handy to check. Anyone know what they weigh?
  7. flyfishtrailer

    Info for a pick up at Doyle Ca

    I am heading up to pick up a GP item I won next week. Release form lists address as 448-460 Simms Rd in Doyle. Nothing pops up on mapquest. Can anyone who has picked up there help clarify the location? Thanks in advance.
  8. flyfishtrailer

    What is a prep side cover (or a feeding side cover) and does it attach to an MKT?

    I have seen a few of these up for sale on auctions, but have never been able to find any data (other than the nsn number and its description). In the auction info, it has said for mobile military kitchens, but I have not found a TM anything that indicates what it attaches to. Any help (and...
  9. flyfishtrailer

    Heading to Yermo on Monday 8/17/20 for a M1102 pick up

    Heading down to Yermo to pick up my M1102 from Sacramento. If anyone has something they need picked up, PM me or email me your release form ( If it will fit into the bed of the 1102 I can grab it.
  10. flyfishtrailer

    Thanks All for the help with my M149A2 Water Buffalo

    I recently recovered one in really good shape. Only thing missing is the latch for the manhole cover. Looking at the TM it appears to be a small square of steel bolted to the tank with two hood latches on either side. Does anyone know the dimensions of this block or can share close up pictures...
  11. flyfishtrailer

    M149A2 Recovery

    Today I brought home an M149A2, The previous owner had taken good care of it and with minimal rust (stored in the Nevada desert) it should restore nicely. At some point prior to the guy I bought it from, someone had removed all of the data plates and cut off the air brake hoses. The drive home...
  12. flyfishtrailer

    How many West Coast MKT owners out there??

    Hello All.......been lurking for a few years and finally joined all the fun. I recently acquired an MKT-85 at a GP auction and have begun the painful process of trying to piece it all back together, I cant complain because other than no MBU's, I had just about everything else. During my research...
  13. flyfishtrailer

    MKT-85 Teleflex BP100 MBU Battery Module, What Batteries to use

    I am working on restoring an MKT-85 trailer and am wondering what batteries to use in the Teleflex BP100 MBU Battery Module I have. Any help would be appreciated,
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