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  1. USSR

    Virtual tour inside the T-80BV tank
  2. USSR

    Gaz "tiger"

    Friends, found on the net some interesting photos new military suv "TIGER" . Presentation them to your attention. To do this, did a separate topic. GAZ-233001 - Civilian five-door version (no armored)
  3. USSR

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Often meet in the Russian part of the Internet interesting photo and video reports about the modern Russian army.Perhaps you would be interested.))
  4. USSR

    Russian Fire Aparatus

    At the request of the guys from my main topic))) I'll try to post the most interesting photographs the special fire-fighting equipment from the Soviet Union (Russia) I'll start with the tracked vehicles...
  5. USSR

    New Kamaz

    Appeared the first video of the new military transport truck Kamaz ... The new generation, a unique vehicle ... I'll try to translate the text and lay out.
  6. USSR

    BRDM 2 (Tuning Project)

    My friends began to make modifications of Soviet armored vehicles ... The idea came by accident: when customers began requesting machines that are easy to use for hunting or fishing))) Was found suitable for the "transplant" BRDM 2.
  7. USSR

    Need advice!

    Guys, need advice)) There are collectors of helicopters in your country ? Site or forum?I would be grateful for the information. We have a couple of interesting helicopters .. )))))
  8. USSR

    Brdm -1

    For serious collectors. A real rarity - BRDM 1. One car was found on the territory of my country. Now comes the full assembly process. Two to three months need for the full assembly. Year - 1961. Almost without a mileage,new engine, all original parts,amphibian... Approximate price - 65000...
  9. USSR

    Unique Iron Soldiers 1920-....

    In this topic I would like to tell and show some samples of military armored vehicles, which are built / invented in different countries in the period 1920 to 2011. To the moderator: If I did not properly posted this thread - please moved to the desired section. There are projects and even real...
  10. USSR

    High Mobility luxury armoring vehicle - COMBAT

    Fresh ideas for armored cars. Combat Armoring Group
  11. USSR

    Declassified rarities from USSR

    Friends, in this topic, I'll upload interesting military vehicles that were created in the USSR but not produced en masse (for different reasons). (VAZ) ВАЗ-Э2122 (4х4) First an experimental amphibious vehicle VAZ-E2122- based Niva was manufactured in 1976, the finalized version appeared only...
  12. USSR

    New Ural 632361

    The new model truck: Ural 632361 10х10
  13. USSR

    ATV "Wanderer-08"

    There are still here such an interesting vehicle. In our country, ready to invent a unique off-road cars .... if only not to build good roads ???????? ?? ????? ? ????? ? ?? ??????.?????
  14. USSR

    Ukrainian off-road "Vepr"

    Engineers plant KRAZ created such a monster car )) YouTube - Ukrainian offroad Vepr
  15. USSR


    We found in Ukraine two unique military vehicles BAZ 6944)) Maybe someone will be interesting!Maybe someone from collectors looking for it) Self-propelled chassis BAZ-6944 was designed for use in a missile system 9K714 Oka. The layout of machines in general, similar to the layout of the car...
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