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  1. 3jacks

    Time for everyone's favorite game: identify this leak!

    Soon to be on gamehsow network...the Emmy award winning: name that leak! gear retainer is dry, so is the steering arm cover. Only the nut on the lower ball joint is wet. Anyone know where this is coming from?
  2. 3jacks

    Which outlet on PS Pump is the line to hydroboost?

    Putting some new hoses on and normally I mark the location of what comes off and where it comes from. This time I did not...paying the price now. My PS pump: 9-232--280-2 section 8-25 shows (Line 8 in the diagram comes from Hydroboost). The diagrams don't have the return lines in the same...
  3. 3jacks

    TM question on Heater assembly

    Is there a TM for the removal of the heater assembly, water valve & controls (and diverter assembly) that is different than what is shown in the parts TM 9-2320-28-24P-2? I feel like I'm overlooking it and its right in front of my face... Thanks
  4. 3jacks

    3Jacks HMMWV build

    Purchased at auction from GP, submitted first time EUC on 02/14/2017. Was approved 03/14/2017 and delivered 03/18/2017. started right up right off the trailer! Installed grounding harness (Kascar 535-A1) changed fluids and filters (oil Wix 51060xp), (fuel SC220072), (air 12342870), (trans...
  5. 3jacks

    Christie CASP 2000

    Not sure if this is the correct forum...please move it if it is better placed elsewhere. i see on GP the CASP 2000 battery charger / analyzer is frequently in auctions. Does anyone have experience with these or use this on their MV batteries? Any comments or suggestions if these are...
  6. 3jacks

    Engine oil flush

    EUC was approved today (bought on 02/07, EUC filled on 02/08 and sent to GP). My M998 is on her way. 1992 with 41,000 miles on it (I know that is not reliable). I'm preparing for a host of initial maintenance items and I searched the site without much to find about flushing the engine. For the...
  7. 3jacks

    What is this cable

    I have won my first GP auction: 1992 M998 HMMWV, 6.2L (my avatar photo). Awaiting EUC approval. I'm guessing checking the EUC status 3 times a day isn't helping the time pass... i spend most most evenings reading all I can about maintenance, upgrades and generally making out a massive...
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