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  1. MTVR

    MTVR key-locking outside door handles installation:

    I may cross-post this to other applicable thread(s), but I thought it was worthy of it's own thread in and of itself. Some time back, I contacted Oshkosh Defense, and was eventually able to obtain the correct part numbers for key-locking outside door handles for the MTVR, #3506900 for the left...
  2. MTVR

    California state sales tax refund processed!

    That wasn't bad- I sent them my Bill Of Lading, and they just notified me that they're mailing me a check for $1,325.25... :)
  3. MTVR

    Do lay people refer to your MTVR as a "Deuce and a half"?

    I correct them by telling them that it's a deuce and TEN halves...
  4. MTVR

    Driver's seat air valve leaking...

    I think the logo molded into the side says "GT" and the part number "3013-4". It crosses to a bunch of other part numbers. Can these things be serviced, or should I just replace it? I think I saw a thread somewhere about a member taking it apart and reversing the O-ring seals in one...
  5. MTVR

    OR New tan MTVR cargo cover:

    I have a tan MTVR cargo cover, new in the bag, for the 14-foot bed, for $450 plus shipping. This one does not appear to have ever been out of the bag, but they look like this:
  6. MTVR

    Did my MTVR belong to Ninjas?

    I googled the markings stenciled on my MTVR, and got multiple hits for the 2nd Marine Raider Special Operations Command at Camp Legune in North Carolina...
  7. MTVR

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

  8. MTVR

    If you buy an armored MTVR...

    ...they don't bolt the seats or seatbelts down properly when they remove the armor prior to sending them to auction. We found our driver's seat loosely (and I mean LOOSELY) bolted down with only two of the apparently four mounting bolts. The other two were missing. The female halves of our two...
  9. MTVR

    I found correct-sized wiper blades that work for the MTVR:

    I know there is a part number floating around on one of these threads for 15" wiper blades that fit, but the stock ones are 16", so I kept looking, and found these. I ordered them off ebay, for $18.95 for the pair, including the shipping. They have an NSN number of 2540-00-140-9816 and a part...
  10. MTVR

    Tools to carry for busting MTVR tires?

    At the very least, I should probably be carrying tools to be able to bust tires roadside. It also looks like I may end up replacing all six tires here in my driveway before that. What tools have you used to perform this task? With the 2-piece rims, I'm not gonna be using tire irons to lever...
  11. MTVR

    Original tires from 2007

    Crawled under and got the last of the tire date codes off my tires- they look like they're all from the summer of 2007, with tire date codes ranging from 2807 to 3107. So now I gotta decide what to do about that. I'm checking on GovPlanet, and I see that there are plenty of tires available...
  12. MTVR

    What size recovery strap is appropriate for an MTVR motorhome?

    The MTVR weighs about 30,000 pounds empty. I'm just spitballing here, but I can't see our total weight going over 40,000 pounds as a motorhome. In a 30-foot length, I'm guessing that I'm gonna need one in roughly an 8" width. What say ye?
  13. MTVR

    Roadside lug nut tool options...

    What specifically is/are your favorite lug nut tool(s) to carry with you in the MTVR for roadside use, and why? I'm visualizing socket, breaker bar, and cheater bar, but would an air or electric impact wrench be a better solution on something of this size?
  14. MTVR

    Fire extinguisher?

    My MTVR did not come with a fire extinguisher, just a mangled bracket. I straightened the bracket, but does it take some standard-sized fore extinguisher that is readily available at a good price, or should I just buy one that comes with a bracket and replace the whole thing?
  15. MTVR

    Which bottle jack?

    I was somewhat fortunate in that my MTVR came with the flat steel jack base, wheel chocks, and the long threaded hold-down for them inside the passenger side steps... I do need a bottle jack. What would be a good choice (and a good value)? Can I power an air over oil one off of the truck?
  16. MTVR

    What size screw pin shackles for front bumper?

    The hole looks like it's about 1-9/16". Anybody install some yet?
  17. MTVR

    Does CARC fade?

    My MTVR is a 2007 and painted in woodland camo. When it's wet, the colors look pretty fresh. When it's dry, the colors look pretty bland, especially in direct sunlight. Does CARC fade like that on a 13 year old truck? Is there something I can use to revive the colors, or should I just live with...
  18. MTVR

    My Swiss cheese floor...

    My MTVR was originally built with armor, which was removed before I bought it, leaving about 50-60 half-inch holes in the floor. I'd like to seal them up, and we may want to put down some kind of sound damping and or sound absorbing floor covering, like rubber matting and/or carpeting on top...
  19. MTVR

    What's the deal with the "Omni ID" RFID rectangles stuck to the front and back?

    What are these things, and why are they on the trucks
  20. MTVR

    Any idea how to "uncurl" curled MTVR rear mud flaps?

    Going to get started cleaning up and fettling our truck today. Our rear mud flaps appear tl have taken on a curled "set" from being stored with the tails hooked to the leashes. Any idea how to relax/uncurl/straighten them? I'm thinking of removing them and laying them flat(ish) in the bed to...
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