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  1. Socommfg

    Wrecker control unit for LMTV 1089 Wreckers.... winchs/stinger/fold/extend etc.

    I have had a request to manufacture a Wrecker Control unit for the 1089 wreckers. Before getting into running down all of the parts that are needed I would like to find out what the level of interest is. These will be made in new aluminum cases, unlike the original steel box. Final cost...
  2. Socommfg

    Humvv paper work

    Here is some info that I was working with on importing Ferrets and the Humvv got mentioned along with "Off Road" designations.
  3. Socommfg

    MEP802A .. Unit will NOT start with switch

    I have 24vdc on supply Fuel pump activated on prime but nothing happens going to start I can jump starter and it spins Fuel shut off will NOT engage A little start fluid and motor will run (small amount) I must be missing something in electrical to main switch panel. Combat over ride does not...
  4. Socommfg

    M35 at auction

    I am not sure where to post this .... I am not involved in the sale, but looks like a good deal for rebuild or parts.... ernie
  5. Socommfg

    Lmtv no power on push to start

    The wtec has no lights and the push button will not engage starter. I can jump the motor and it will run perfect. What am I missing?
  6. Socommfg

    Allison 3500sp trans wiring

    I am looking to put a 3500sp trans and 3116 cat in my Ford f350 dually. Can anybody give me the info need to wire the trans and controller in? I have a parts truck (S&S) doner, but no cab wiring or parts. Is this a worth while project or should I use a Manual shift set up. My icon is the...
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