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    M51A2 fuel issues

    I’m trying to get my M51A2 going, things done so far are to free up the shut off, free up the collar in the Hydralics head the shutoff actuates and change the filters. Im fairly sure I have the shutoff installed correctly but I have the put the rod for the governor? Into the arm at time of...
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    Starter switch for M51A2 5 ton dump

    Similar but mines got a metal button, possibly interchangeable?
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    Starter switch for M51A2 5 ton dump

    I’m looking for a starter switch for my M51A2 Thanks
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    M51A2 starter drive

    I found a rebuild shop locally this morning and a few guys offered used starters so looks like im good. Thanks for the help
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    M51A2 starter drive

    Does anyone know where I could fine a new starter drive for a Leece Neville starter, I believe the model is M001093064, I’ve found a few hits on eBay but none with the model number, found several vendors for whole units but hoping to not spent $500 on a new starter. This is for a fairly suspect...
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    Help ID M37 LWB

    Call Andy at Trail Worthy Fab for wheels, Im very happy with my set, Im running the BFGs
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    Marine M37 build

    I could be wrong but i believe it doesnt come out, you take the box off the frame and when the floor plates are removed it comes out through the cab as a unit, i took one partially apart and it looked like the shaft has the gear made onto it and would need to drop out the bottom of the box, I...
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    Common Parts needed and repair info

    I registered mine antique and no inspection, must be kept "parade ready" but I live in a small town and have no problems
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    Common Parts needed and repair info

    I think I got mine at Sanels
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    Common Parts needed and repair info

    No but he lives down the street from me, I did the whack a valve in his garage.
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    Common Parts needed and repair info

    Im in Contoocook, got an old rat of an M, had several stuck valves. Im not saying this is the best repair but since it didnt matter i just sprayed penetrating oil under the valves and hit them down with a dead blow hammer, hand cranked the motor to raise them and repeat. Once they started moving...
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    Anyone want to rescue a M211?

    PM sent
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    Project Ferro Navy M37

    Im pretty sure you know im kidding but I am definately just joking! I very much enjoy reading your threads and hope you will still have the time and energy to do a few more. ( just check on that paint, I thought the blue was supposed to be a little darker but im not an expert)
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    Project Ferro Navy M37

    Whats the holdup on this thing?????? its a weird shade of blue and youve been at it for like a week...... frankly im worried about you
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    Sloppy Gear Shift

    I have the same problem, been meaning to look at it so thanks for this thread
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    built up 251 finally in m37!!!

    PPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT......... Sorry im late, would have been here sooner but I didnt know you could read and write......
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    hot rod deuce and half

    Oh the tragic waste of a GMC....... or not...... That is pretty wicked! nice work!
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    Behr paint code for strata blue?

    thanks again, my local depot isnt know for trying real hard to use the federal or any other codes but im up for trying again! sometimes I get someone who can think. I missed that thread somehow in my searching ( im not know for being to good at the search)
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    Behr paint code for strata blue?

    319, thanks for the info, im looking to use Behr paint for a quicky paint job to make the old girl a little more presentable for now, is the blue a semi gloss?
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