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    GA Insurance and license ?s

    I think a lot of this is going to depend on your state laws, in ND all my trucks that are big enough are licensed as farm trucks I think the only limitation is I have to stay within 300 miles of home, the insurance is all under collector vehicles and very inexpensive. I have an M920 and an M977...
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    Recommendations for oil analysis vendor?

    We have used Blackstone for many years they seem very well capable of diagnosing everything they find and are very good at making recommendations on how to possibly avoid future issues! Karl
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    Joined the 5 Ton Club (Times 2)

    Congrats M715Mike some days things just seem to fight you all the way, it sucks but sure makes us appreciate the good ones! And having a truck driver like Wes there to help goes a long ways, he is a very smart patient friend to have at time like this!!! Karl
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    Buyer beware, Austin Mn

    AMG71 there are three things I will not tolerate from people, Lying, stealing and cheating and unfortunately you found a loser who practices all 3 of these despicable traits!! Sorry you have to deal with crap like this that should have never happened in the first place. I have the guys...
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    M37 not running correctly after being stored for 2 years

    Hey guys I am going to relate a little experience I had getting my 52 M37 out of my warehouse and running this week in the hopes that maybe it will save somebody some time in their future! I went over to my warehouse to get my M37 out and get it running I used my trailer and winched the truck...
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    New project

    VPW are good folks although I cannot even bring myself to look at my stack of invoices I have gotten from them over the last year but with that said better me than my WIFE!!!!
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    Extend My Membership

    When will we be able to pay with a credit card?
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    Wanted: M105 Trailer Cover

    If your still looking for the 105 cover I have one its been on my trailer once for about 4 days I took it out of the box to put it on my trailer I would be fine letting it go for 295.00 plus whatever shipping would be I would guess around 50.00. PM if interested Karl
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    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    I live in ND and like many people here dont like things mandated to them no matter how logical it is! I read the car accident reports in the paper every week and just about 100% of the fatalities are for people who got ejected from the vehicle, why? Did not have their seat belt on! If I were...
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    Just some old 404.114 photos

    How can anybody NOT enjoy pics of a 404! Like Tennmogger said that is a good looking rig you have there!
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    Identify help.

    by the length of the nose on the plane in question it sure looks like a turbine engine!
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    New to M35, getting started, where am I leaking?

    You have an interesting issue with this one replacing the pan gasket is a good place to start. Since its only leaking when underway and under a load my first thought is the Turbo oil lines, if you just sitting running the engine your building no pressure hence no leaks. The amount of oil you...
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    Tatra MTVR Prototype M923A1 - Tatra 815 Frankenstein

    THIS is one the the coolest things I have seen in a LONG time!! I am a huge Tatra fan and own a 939 series truck melding these two together has got to obviously produce a BIG winner ! Love the truck and cannot wait to hear more! Karl
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    Two new toys unimog 404

    Joeblack congrats on joining the UNIMOG CLUB! There are a few of us odd balls here but always remember WE have extremely good taste in REAL trucks! I had a 404 for a couple years and my truck did not have that electric fuel pump on it at all, in fact I have never seen a setup like that? As...
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    Greasing a Deuce

    If you have an electric or air operated grease gun USE THAT ONE!!! This is going to take you a bit of time make sure you have the Lube order so you dont miss any!
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    What did you do to your M939 today?

    I was at my warehouse for some other stuff and my 5 ton hadnt been started in 2 years I had my charger sitting there but thought I would give it a try before I put the charger on, let it crank over for 5 seconds stopped for a bit then tried again and about 5 seconds into the 2nd crank she fired...
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    Flat or satin.....

    When I painted my deuce I wanted a very flat OD Green thinking that this would best match the original Military paint, the painter fellow called me about the paint I had picked out to discuss just how FLAT it really was, it took me about 2 seconds of looking at it and feeling it to see it was...
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    What is supposed to go there?

    Hello Thor and welcome to the hobby and congrats on your 151 that should be a fun vehicle to be driving around in! If I may make one suggestion for to you concerning this vehicle and that is to take a look at this site there is and area call the Tms (technical manuals) its free and there is so...
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    Mercury Industrial Truck

    I can tell you its got a 230 CI flat head 6 in it obviously Chrysler corp. Great engine used in more applications than I ever dreamed possible. It was a US Military vehicle can you find a TM on the vehicle, then go from there? Karl
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    FLU419 intermittent no forward or reverse engagement.

    Jeff your a lucky man since the FLU 419 was used in the US Military there should be TMs available that will tell you everything you ever dreamed of! Karl
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